Alcohol and tobacco consumption falls due to COVID 19 lockdown

ECONOMYNEXT- The COVID 19 lockdown has seen a “significant reduction in the consumption” of alcohol and tobacco the Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC) in Sri Lanka states.

According to a study released today, May 15, ADIC said the consumption of alcohol had been reduced by 80%, and the consumption of tobacco had been reduced by 48% while 20% of users have quit using tobacco due to the restrictions.

The study was conducted on alcohol (legal and illegal) users and tobacco smokers, and their families on alcohol and tobacco consumption and changes related to consumption in the prevailing situation.

It was conducted from the first to 10 of May 2020 on a sample of 2019 individuals covering the entire country including all 25 districts.

The major reason for the reduction of consumption alcohol was due to bars and liquor shops being closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic while other reasons include raids and change of mind to not to use during the period.

Also, the study states that out of the alcohol users who reduced using alcohol during the COVID-19 Pandemic, 37% claimed they were prepared to continue their change in future even after the situation normalizes while 51% of tobacco users who quit or reduced tobacco smoking in this period claimed they too were prepared to continue their change.

Further, a study conducted among the wives of men who consume alcohol revealed that 49% of them have reported a decrease in family issues due to the husband quitting alcohol consumption and 40% reported there was an increase in family savings.

ADIC states that it may be difficult to quit or reduce the use of alcohol and tobacco and experience its benefits under normal circumstances but the study shows that the situational influences during COVID-19 provided a chance to experience the benefits of being free from the use of these substances.

Further, it states that globally, the alcohol and tobacco industries are against sales restrictions and reduced availability of their products because users will quit use by realizing that they can live without these substances and specifically by understanding that it is more comfortable to live free from these substances. (Colombo/May15/2020)







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