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All Easter Sunday attackers dead or in custody-Acting IGP

Acting Police Chief Chandana Wickramaratne is saying that the police have been able to identify those directly responsible for the Easter Sunday attacks and while some of them are in custody the rest are dead.

The Acting Inspector General made the statement at a media briefing held yesterday (6) at the Defence Ministry.

He added that the security forces recovered all the explosives stored all around the country by the terrorists with the intention of future attacks.

He also said that that two members of the terror group with specialized knowledge in explosives are also dead.

The speed and efficiency with which the CID rolled back the Towheed networks have caught local and international experts by surprise.

Informed sources say that this has been possible because the larger Muslim community have been cooperative in providing information to the authorities.

Muslim Civil Society activists have been making representations to the government intelligence agencies about this group and its leader the deceased fiery orator Zaharan Hashim.

On Easter Sunday six suicide bombers struck two packed Catholic Churches in Kotehena and Negombo and an Evangelical Church in Batticoloa.

Two other suicide cadres blew themselves up the same day killing three police officers who were searching a house belonging to one of the attackers.

A few days later five others died when they clashed with Security Forces in Saithamaruthu in Kalmunai.





Wickramaratne added that the security forces have ensured the security of all the schools around the country.

School staff, parents and students have been given training and guidelines on how to react and protect themselves when there is a security threat he added.

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