All Sri Lankans must stand up to communalism – Mangala

Every citizen of every faith, from Dondra Head to Point Pedro, should stand up for a new Sri Lanka, Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera said.

Samaraweera made this remark speaking at a rally held in Matara yesterday (10) titled the ‘Hour of Compassion’ in protest of extremist and communalist sentiment that has taken over the post-Easter Sunday discourse.

The crowds gathered at the event, he said, against racists from Sinhalese, Muslim and other communities are an example for like-minded citizens in other parts of the country. Speaking up against racism should not be confined to Matara but must be seen all over the island, from Dondra Head to Point Pedro, he reiterated.

“In the past, the people of Matara rallied against all forms of destructive forces. Today, too, they’re voicing their opposition to communalism and division and standing up for what is right,” said Samaraweera.

Commending the participants, many of whom were from his electorate of Matara and representing various communities, the Minister said they had decided to take part of their own accord.

“I thank them for taking the initiative,” he said.

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