Anura Kumara calls for individual freedom, equality as Sri Lanka’s JVP presidential candidate

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lana’s leftist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna named its leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake as candidate for Presidential elections, representing a broader front styled national peoples’ force.

"Today sections of the people of Sri Lanka are being oppressed based on their religion or ethnicity," he told a mass rally at Colombo’s Galle Face Green.

"Also based on sexual orientation or caste. There is no forward path for a divided country."

He said there was a deep debate about national security, where checkpoints re-appearing.

"National security can only be achieved by national unity," he said. "No extremist can guarantee national security. They can increase the check points in front of schools.

"They can increase the checkpoints to divided villages. But security of people can only be guaranteed by respecting peoples difference and national security.

The greatest achievements of humankind was done by individual freedom and accepting free ideas, Disssanyake said.

"There are two paths for people to choose. There is an old, destructive failed path. The other is for the peoples, freedom happiness and prosperity," Dissanayaka said.

He said the people force was based on three key ideas.

"Today there is a need for a new political movement," he said. ‘For an uncorrupt movement, for professionals with an honest desire to build the country and a people who are willing to work hard to support them. That is the national peoples’s force.

There is no forward path for a divided country. (Colombo/Aug19/2019)