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Appointment of Shavendra is not a concern of UN-Lord Naseby

Lord Naseby has said that the criticism of the government by the United Nations (UN) and other countries over the appointment of Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva as the Army Commander of Sri Lanka is rubbish, a Press release from the Government Information Department said.

Speaking exclusively to Derana TV the former Deputy Speaker of the UK parliament and the President of All-Party UK-Sri Lanka Group said that he will take up this matter with the Foreign Secretary of the UK as this undermines reconciliation.

Further Lord Naseby said that the way forward on the matter is to get the Office on Missing Persons (OMP) back on track as it is the ‘key that will unlock the door’, although it may take some time.

Stating that he visited the OMP head who had told him that they did not have the necessary resources, Naseby says he is ‘quite frankly shocked’ that there are inadequate resources in that department. 

He also said that the OMP needs resources to provide the investigators to track down the missing individuals and determine what had happened to them, whether they were actually killed or if they are ‘living and kicking’ in somewhere else in the world.

“We have some illegal immigrants in the UK. I’m sure there are some in Canada, I’m sure there are some in the USA and probably some in Australia who are allegedly missing but actually somewhere else,” he added.

Obviously he said that the work the OMP is doing is very thorough. But they need more resources to do the work. 

When inquired if the well-meaning Non-Governmental Organizations and foreign organizations who are in the cause could fund the office, Naseby said, “You have got to remember that there still are LTTE supporters in Sri Lanka, the Diaspora, in certain parts of the UK. That is a problem in the sense that, we have elections and the political parties are sensitive to the Tamil vote.”

Speaking on the controversial UN report with allegations against Sri Lanka during its civil war, Lord Naseby said that it is extraordinary that the evidence supporting the report cannot be accessed until 20 years have passed. 

When inquired on the fact that Jasmine Sooka, part of the tri-member committee of the Darusman Report, says that 75,000 civilians were killed during the Sri Lankan civil war, Lord Naseby said, “it was quite wrong. This is a senior UN official peddling absolute lies. And I find that extraordinary. She knows the work I have done and the other parties have done.”





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