Army troops deployed on search operations after police powers granted

Thousands of army officers and other ranks fanned across the country after Parliament passed emergency regulations conferring police powers to the Armed Forces.

This now gives the powers of search, detention or arrest without warrant of any person to members of the armed forces.

They are now in position around the country on the instructions of respective Commanders of Security Forces, General Officers Commanding and Brigade Commanders.

Releasing a statement Sri Lanka Army states that 172 officers and 4734 ranks have been deployed all around the country.

Accordingly the duties include foot patrols covering railway stations, churches, temples, power stations, state buildings, hospitals, hotels, bus stands, television centres, oil tanks, water tanks, water purifying centres, highways, public markets, bridges, Police stations and all other vulnerable points in close coordination with sister services and the Police. In addition, all embassies and diplomatic missions have also been provided with the necessary security.

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