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Arts University Teachers accuse VC of corruption

The Teachers AsPsociation of the Faculty of Music (TAFM) in the University of the Visual and Performing Arts (UVPA) says that the current Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the university senior Prof Sarath Chandrajeewa is corrupt.

RepublicNext reached Prof. Chandrajeewa for comment but he was unwilling to speak to the Media.

The President of TAFM Nishoka Sandaruwan said that ever since Prof. Chandrajeewa became the VC in 2017 there have been a series of corruption allegations levelled against him by various sources.

Those allegations include financial irregularities, examination irregularities, violations of university act, illegally holding back salaries and intentionally delaying the confirmation of the lecturers.

Prof M.R. Podinilame said that the biggest allegation was Prof Chandrajeewa was a faculty head in 2013. At the time he had taken an amount of Rs. 10 million to build a statue as a research project in the Mattala Mahinda Rajapaksa International Airport from the Airport and Aviation Services Ltd.

He had mentioned in his letter which was written to the airport authority requesting funds that the project would involve four supporting professors and 20 students from the university, The funds were also granted and was deposited to Chandrajeewa’s personal bank account.

But since he said the fund requesting letter was written with a private letterhead and not with the university letterhead the internal audit department of the Airport and Aviation Services wrote a letter to the faculty questioning the whereabouts of the project and whether compulsory payment of 14 per cent of the total amount that should be paid to the university since it is projected by the university was paid by him.

‘When these matters came into light investigations within the university started by that time Chandrajeewa had become the VC,” he added.

Then he had prepared a report with the help of the former registrar of the Council which the executive body and governing authority of the University but before the council gave the approval for the report he had sent that report to the bribery commission saying that the council had approved it.

The bribery commission had then said through that report the case is not relevant to corruption.





Since that he has been using commission’s report to escape from other investigations as well.

The TAFM do not want the VC to be removed but to conduct a transparent investigation into these allegations and remove Chandrajeewa from the position VC temporary until these investigations are completed.

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