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Atlas Axillia Coronavirus medical robot in trials at Sri Lanka hospital

ECONOMYNEXT – Atlas Axillia, a unit of Sri Lanka’s Hemas group, said a medical service robot which can work at Coronavirus hospitals developed by the company is undergoing live trials at Homagama Hospital.

The team at Atlas Axillia are working with hospital staff to find their requirements and fine tune its functions. AGVs can generally move along a pre-determined path and carry out assigned tasks.

“This robot can deliver food to patients and will reduce contact of medical personnel,” the Head of Sri Lanka’s Health Service Anil Jasinghe told reporters earlier in the week.

The company said it plans to make the technology of this prototype available for select individuals or organizations that wish to produce more units to fight the pandemic.

“We humbly share this invention to further the national cause to effectively combat COVID-19,” Asitha Samaraweera, Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Axillia said.

“We are gifting the prototype to the Homagama Hospital, as it is a designated facility to treat COVID-19 patients exclusively.”

Atlas said the AGV can carry food and medicine to patients and also do basic medical check ups like taking the temperature.

“It also enables doctors to monitor patients remotely, while having conversations with them through the cameras mounted on it,” the company said.

“In addition to this, the AGV can charge itself using a wireless charging port, further reducing its physical proximity to healthcare workers.

“The use of the AGV will automate patient monitoring, thereby enabling healthcare workers to apply their expertise in managing the crisis more efficiently and to stay safe while saving lives.”





Axillia quoted Indika Jagoda, the Regional Director of Health Services, Colombo lauded the launch of the prototype AGV. “It is truly remarkable that a Sri Lankan company has developed a home grown robotic medical assistant.

“The advancement of technological development is vital in the fight against this pandemic,” as saying.

“The ready access to patients that healthcare workers have without putting themselves at risk, thanks to the AGV robot, is truly a massive advantage in the fight against COVID-19.”

Janith Hettiarachchi, Medical Superintendent, Base Hospital Homagama said the robot will not only reduce the risk of infection to staff, but also reduce the need for protective suits.

“To have a robotic nursing assistant doing the work that a human healthcare worker would otherwise have to do, significantly reduces the chance of an infection and is therefore invaluable,” he said.

“This is apart from the large monetary saving the state makes, from not having to use multiple sets of expensive PPEs by healthcare workers to interact with patients each day.”

The AGV was developed by a team of innovators within the manufacturing and engineering division of Atlas, led by Viraj Jayasooriya, Chief Operating Officer.

“We welcome organisations who are interested in scaling up the production of this robot, in order to deploy them for the support of more medical personnel combating COVID-19.” (Colombo/Mar29/2020)

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