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Autogroup Sri Lanka re-exports right hand drive US cars to Australia, UK

CONVERTED: A 2020 Lincoln Navigator converted at Autogroup International Plant in Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – Autogroup International, Sri Lanka, which re-manufactures US made vehicles to right had drive markets is marking 25 years and has become a global leaders in the industry segment, is ready to convert 2020/21 year models, the firm said.

US cars are left hand drive.

“People around the world cherish US manufactured SUV’s and Pick-up trucks for their premium look and features coupled with the ample spaciousness which is a key for travelling purposes,” Autogroup says.

“But most of these vehicles are unfortunately designed for left-hand driving which does not pertain with rules and regulations in most other regions.”

Autogroup with offices in Dallas, USA and Melbourne, Australia is one of the few firms qualified to covert US cars from left hand to right hand drive.

About 90 percent of the output of the plant based in Kaduwela, Sri Lanka goes to Australia. It also exports to United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Malaysia.

“…[C]ustomers can purchase a vehicle from us or they can convert their vehicles bought from other suppliers while we take care of the entire process from shipments to insurance, loading or unloading the vehicles to ports around the world,” Peter Norman Hill, Chairman and Founder of Autogroup International says.”

Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Camaro, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Ford Raptor, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator are among models converted by the firm.

“Converting a vehicle is a daunting task and it involves alot of planning, R&D, new manufacturing processes such as 3D printing and lots of new ideas – we encourage it all the time,” Chamath Tennekoon Managing Director of Autogroup International, Sri Lanka says.





“Safety systems are a critical aspect, which need to be properly re-fitted and re-calibratedfor their effective operation.

“The vehicle’s electronic system also requires major tweaks such as lane departure, collision alert, auto park, heads-up-display (HUD), keyless entry, seat memory, seat heating,screen controls and on-screen menus.

“We are geared to convert the latest 2020/21 models, which have also opened-up a new market opportunity for us.”

Autogroup says it collaborates with brands such as Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Hummer, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, Toyota and Nissan. (Colombo/July13/2020)

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