Automation to cut managerial jobs in Sri Lanka’s logistics sector: ILO

ECONOMYNEXT – Adoption of high levels of automation in Sri Lanka’s logistics businesses anticipated by experts could lead to loss of some jobs, a new study by the International Labour Organization has found.

“Growth in logistics will lead to increased labour demand, but high automation adoption will eventually lead to displacement,” said the report on future of work in Sri Lanka, done for the ILO by India’s Tandem Research.

Logistics is marked as a crucial sector under Sri Lanka’s National Export Strategy, highlighting its role in the growth of commerce and trade.

“Increasing demand and the subsequent expansion of logistics is likely to generate new employment opportunities in the coming five years,” the study said.

“However, the adoption of advanced technologies and smart management solutions are likely to displace various middle-skilled occupations, such as supervisory and managerial positions, while also reducing the demand for permanent labour.”

The ILO study considered the impact emerging technologies associated with the fourth industrial revolution, such as automation, have on the future world of work in Sri Lanka.

It aims to set out who will be the winners and losers and what can governments, industry, and citizens do to prepare for the changes that lie ahead.
(COLOMBO, March 21, 2019-SB)

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