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Saturday May 15th, 2021

Autopsy being conducted on remains of special needs man to check for Covid

ECONOMYNEXT- A post-mortem examination of the remains of the 36-year-old man with special needs who allegedly took his own life when his mother was hospitalised with Covid 19 symptoms will be performed today to determine whether he was infected, the Police Media Division said.

The son allegedly committed suicide in Homagama last Saturday, October 31 and the autopsy will be carried out at the Mulleriyawa hospital.

In case he was Covid positive, the remains will be disposed of under the pandemic Regulations, if found otherwise, the body will be released to his brother, the police said.

Following the tragic incident, the neighbours blamed the area Public Health Inspector (PHI) for his failure to take proper actions for the well-being of the differently-abled man.

Responding to this accusation the President of the PHI Union Upul Rohana told EconomyNext that the problem arose when the younger brother of the deceased who at first said that he would take care of his brother, pulled back at the last moment due to the fear of COVID-19 when all arrangements were made for him to come from Galle.

Rohana said that last Friday the residents in the area had complained to the local PHI that the man’s mother had gone to the Peliyagoda fish market and was “walking around the area with COVID symptoms.”

Then the PHI has visited the woman and after verifying the story had sent her to the hospital through Suwa Seriya ambulance service.

He said that it was the neighbours around her that had said about her son with special needs initially when the woman was taken away.

Then the mother has told the PHI that her younger son who is in Galle has the capability to look after her elder son.

Apparently, the younger son is married to a doctor and was an accountant himself, Rohana said.

According to Rohana when the PHI had called the younger son he had said that they would like to come and look after his elder brother.

But he had said the because of the curfew they have no way of reaching his mother’s place.

So then the PHI had called the area police station in turn who had given a message to Galle police station to give a curfew pass to the younger son to come.

But at the last moment, the younger son had said that they are afraid to come as his mother is possibly COVID positive and that they had asked a neighbour to look after his brother

So the PHI had set a table in front of the house asking the neighbours to leave food on the table as the house was quarantined.

“So the issue was when the younger son at the last moment rejecting the responsibility of his brother when all arrangements were made,” he said.

“We cannot send him in the ambulance, they will not accept him, we cannot admit him to any hospital as they also don’t accept, we didn’t have anything to do for him. Also, we can’t keep the mother without admitting her as she was suspected to have COVID,” Rohana added.

Moreover, he said that the PHI had to attend other cases as seven more COVID positive cases were reported in the same area on that day.

However, the neighbours told the media that the PHI should take responsibility for the death as he did not take any proper action for the well-being of the person with special needs.

One of the residents said that he had pasted the self-quarantine notice on the door of the house as the PHI was afraid to do it. (Colombo/Nov02/2020)

Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe

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