Bahrain values Sri Lankan workers

Minister of Labour and Social Development of Bahrain Jameel Bin Mohamed Ali Humaidan stated that there is a high demand for Sri Lankan workers due to the high competence, loyalty and hardworking characteristics they show towards their chosen fields.

He said so when he met Sri Lanka’s Ambassador Pradeepa Saram on the 7 Oct. in Bahrain.

Saram welcomed the assistance and cooperation extended by the Bahrain government which has ensured the safety and legal protection of the Sri Lankan migrants and mentioned the effective role played by the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA).

“The active presence of Sri Lankan community reflects the warmth between the two countries” she noted.

The Minister further stated that the Bahraini give priority to uplift the working environment of workers, including expatriates in relation with national legislation and along with international labour standards hence praising the noteworthy contribution by expatriates for growth of Bahrain.

Moreover, the Minister highlighted that Bahraini encourages semi-skilled and skilled workers for example, sectors of IT, computer technology, construction, hospitality and other roles.

Saram emphasized the vital importance of migrant workers since they contribute the highest foreign exchange remittances to the country.

Referring to Sri Lanka’s commitment to enhance dialogue and cooperation amongst for labour sending and receiving countries, bilaterally, regionally and internationally, Ambassador spoke on country’s active participation in Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) as the Chair-in-Office, and also as the Chair of the Colombo Process (CP) from 2013-2017.

Former Minister of Foreign Employment and Justice Thalatha Atukorale led a delegation to Bahrain in her capacity as the Chair of the (ADD) in 2017.





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