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Bar Association condemns anti-Judge remarks

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) is condemning “statements made with reference to concluded cases, pending litigation, the role of Judges, the role of prosecutors and the right of representation relating to litigants who are parties to court” by various public personalities.

Although the statement by the BASL does not mention any names, the Association appears to refer to remarks made by Retired Army Major Ajith Prasanna who cast aspersions on several judges, state attorneys and magistrates who were involved in the cases where war veterans were jailed for a variety of crimes.

The controversial figure said that these judges and officials were “promised positions or other rewards” for the prosecution and sentencing of these veterans at a press conference held with several war veterans in Colombo earlier this week.

The BASL said its attention has been drawn “to several media reports that has been given much publicity through the electronic and print media, where references have been made to concluded and pending court cases, the individual conduct of Hon Judges, prosecutors and Attorneys-at-Law representing their respective clients.” 

The Association said that It is accepted that no references can be made to matters pending in court. “Any party to such proceedings, any third party and even members of the legal profession should refrain from making such comments on pending litigation” it pointed out.

The statement went on to say that it is “alarming to note is that there are a few instances where members of the legal profession too have resorted to this unsavoury conduct.” 

The BASL is requesting its membership “to refrain from making any such references and to refrain from using the media for such purpose. We request our members to act within the ethical standards of the profession and preserve and protect the dignity of the profession.” 

If any such conduct continues the BASL will not be hesitant to refer such matter for appropriate action.

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