BASL President writes to Sirisena to calm storm in the Bar

The Bar Association is asking for time with President Maithripala Sirisena to discuss the appointment processes for the President’s Counsel.

The Prestigious title carries with it the tradition of the Queen’s Counsel, an honour bestowed in the old days by the Monarch on Senior Attorneys who have displayed moral rectitude.

The President of the Bar Association Kalinga Indratissa PC in his letter to the President says that the processes that go into making these appointments have to follow certain guidelines and those who make the cut have to be worthy of the honour.

He writes that the Executive Committee of the BASL has observed that these appointments should not be made either annually, bi-annually or quarterly. Instead they should be of persons who have been honest and honourable in the profession.

RepublicNext understands that the BASL is dealing with the controversy that erupted when President Sirisena announced a fresh list of appointees in April this year.

The regular appointments for 2019 had been announced in December last year. Those appointments had been made through a transparent process where all the people given the honour had at least 25 years at the Bar.

In the April list, there were Lawyers with less experience, according to some members who spoke to us, creating a controversy.

They say that Indratissa is trying to calm the waters by seeking to discuss the issue with Sirisena.

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