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Biden leads in US Presidential race, Trump peddles conspiracy amid Fox drama

ECONOMYNEXT – Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading in votes counted so far with US networks projecting over 250 Electoral College delegates out of 270 needed to win while President Donald Trump, a nationalist, is peddling conspiracy theories of vote fraud.

Trump has gone to court to stop counting in several states.

Fox News has gone a step further and projected 264 for Biden, adding Arizona (11 delegates) to Biden’s pile.

Arizona used to be represented by John McCain, a respected Republican senator, and Vietnam prisoner-of-war who was insulted by Trump.

McCain’s family and also former senator Republican Jeff Flake, who stood up against Trump.
Trump charged that the election was being ‘stolen’ by him and has gone to court to stop counting in several states which hangs in the balance.

Biden has flipped (taken back) Michigan and Wisconsin, former Democratic strongholds (Blue Wall states) which were taken by Trump in 2016.

Votes remain to be counted in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada where gaps are narrowing.

In Pennsylvania, early postal votes are counted last as a Republican-controlled statehouse has objected to early counting. Results are awaited in Philadelphia which is a Democratic stronghold.

In the state which has 20 Electoral College delegates goes to Biden, he wins. If Penn state goes to Trump, Biden has to win Georgia (16) and another state such as Nevada or Arizona which other networks have not yet called.





Trump is currently leading in North Carolina (15) and Georgia where the gap has been narrowing.

Fox News, whose morning shows have carried Trumps, nationalist vitriol and toxic conspiracy theories and outright lies may call his win first if clearer results come from a state other than Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania can count postal votes that come in till Friday.

An angry Trump had reportedly called Fox news owner Rupert Murdoch to force the network to retract the projection on Arizona, which he had refused. (Colombo/Nov06/2020)

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