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Bohra Conference to generate more than Rs.9 billion – UNP

The World Annual Bohra Conference which will be held in Sri Lanka until the 10tt of September is expected to generate an income of Rs 9.1 billion ( 52 million USD) to the country, UNP Parliamentarian Chandima Gamage said.

Addressing the journalists at Temple Trees this morning (03), the MP said that the Bohra Conference will boost Sri Lanka’s tourism which was badly hit by the Easter Sunday attacks.

“After the Easter Sunday attacks the Government discussed with the Bohra community and they agreed to hold the conference in Sri Lanka. At present, around 21 000 Bohra people have already arrived in the country and we are expecting around 30 000 people. An income of 9.1 million is expected to be generated from the conference,” the MP said.

Gamage further noted that the Government has also made arrangements for the Bohra community to travel across the country for two or three weeks following the conference which will generate more income.

Asked about the inconvenience caused to the public due to the traffic congestion caused by the closure of roads, the MP said that the situation needs to be tolerated.

“We have to understand the situation because we have to ensure the safety of those who participate in this conference. They will enjoy the beauty of the country and they will convey the message to the world that Sri Lanka is a safe place for the Muslim community. So it is our responsibility to ensure their safety,” the MP added.

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