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Monday June 24th, 2024

Aligning Vision, Strategy, People and Technology in Driving Digital Transformation

L to R: Neomal Perera, Chief Operating Officer – Core Solutions of John Keells IT, Dilini De Alwis, Chief Operating Officer – Software Solutions of John Keells IT, and Nishan Thevathason, Chief Operating Officer – Cloud Solutions of John Keells IT

John Keells IT’s Dilini De Alwis, Nishan Thevathason and Neomal Perera share insights into the tech company’s adeptness in strategic management and perceptive leadership, essential for successful digital transformations.

As we delve deeper into their experiences and strategies, each COO will reveal how John Keells IT embodies the principles of Collaborate, Co-Innovate, and Co-Create to effectively Re-imagine, Re-model, and Rejuvenate businesses across various industries. Their collective insights will demonstrate how strategic foresight, combined with a dynamic, hands-on approach, propels organizations towards transformative successes that are both sustainable and impactful.

Strategic Management, Perceptive Leadership

  • Dilini De Alwis, Chief Operating Officer, Software Solutions of John Keells IT

In today’s dynamic business environment, successful digital transformation hinges on strategic management and the ability of leaders to sense threats, seize opportunities, and transform operations. This adaptability was crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses equipped with robust digital infrastructures, such as mobile apps and online portals, adapted swiftly, demonstrating the essential role of digital tools in maintaining competitiveness.

Digital leaders embody agility, foresight, and opportunism—qualities that ensure businesses not only survive but thrive in fluctuating market conditions. Their approach to risk-taking fosters innovation and bridges disparate ideas to spawn novel solutions. By focusing on enhancing existing capabilities and rectifying inefficiencies, digital leaders promote an agile, collaborative approach to redesigning processes, business models, and operations.

 Over the years, John Keells IT has facilitated several transformative projects with tangible outcomes. During COVID-19, we revamped a retailer’s mobile app within months, significantly enhancing customer engagement when traditional methods were untenable. By automating processes for microfinance companies, we facilitated remote data capture and processing, streamlining operations and reducing turnaround times. We developed a proprietary smart living solution for luxury apartment developments and a smart office application that streamlines business processes and enhances employee collaboration. These initiatives underscore how strategic digital transformation can drive operational efficiency and growth.

The Art of Digital Transformation

  • Nishan Thevathason, Chief Operating Officer, Cloud Solutions of John Keells IT

Digital transformation is an art form, where technology is the canvas, data is the paint, and visionary leaders are the artists. While technology enables innovation, people drive it, therefore, fostering a culture of collaboration, learning, and agility is crucial for success. Digital transformation is not a one size fits all solution, but a journey that is industry-specific and dynamic to meet the needs and capabilities of each organization.

Being a global technology partner, we assist businesses in driving transformation with a clear vision and strategic adaptability. Each partnership requires strong business judgment, constant monitoring, and evaluation to ensure the right technology is strategically implemented to achieve success. For example, a retail CEO I worked with wanted to scale operations through a transformative project with a detailed five-year cost plan. His objective was to minimize his total cost of ownership, while my objective was to maximize his return on investment. Migrating his business to the cloud, we achieved his business goals and scaled performance to meet consumer demand, ensuring a seamless customer experience and low costs. The CEO recovered his budget in two years, shifting his focus to enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is the value of digital transformation.

Vision, Purpose and Impact

  • Neomal Perera, Chief Operating Officer, Core Solutions of John Keells IT

Visionary leadership is crucial for successful technology transformations. Leaders must not only have a clear vision but also understand the goal they aim to achieve. Breaking down this vision into smaller, manageable goals is essential, especially in a transformation journey. This approach allows for quick wins, which are critical for gaining buy-in from both top management and lower-level employees who will execute the transition.

At John Keells IT, we exemplify this approach. A recent project involved a major food servicing company in Dubai where the CEO’s vision was to have a comprehensive dashboard displaying all operational data. We helped break this vision into achievable steps, starting with implementing a core system for finance, sales, and inventory management, and then identifying how the transformation could be extended to the warehouse and production operation. Having looked at all the core operations of the business we helped them envision the next stages of their transformation journey which includes the human resource function across the organization. In the final step, we will facilitate a solution to engage all external stakeholders. This phased approach provided clarity to see immediate benefits, building momentum for their transformation journey.

Looking ahead, John Keells IT plans to continue leveraging our expertise in cloud technology and automation to help companies achieve their digital transformation goals. Our focus remains on breaking down visionary goals into actionable steps, ensuring sustainable and impactful outcomes.