CBL Exports is the go-to place to work, even during the toughest of times.

Here, core values and ethical business are motivating factors for millennials

The CBL Group strives to nurture a high performance, caring culture that provides the right opportunities for people to perform at their best. The CBL Group and CBL Exports commit to doing business that is ethical and fair at every level. This culture resulted in the company being ranked as one of the Best Workplaces for Millennials by Great Place to Work and the Gold Award for Social Dialogue and Workplace Co-operation from the Department of Labour. Nalin Karunaratne, Chief Executive Officer at Ceylon Biscuits Ltd, shares his insights on the company’s unique employee value proposition.

Millennials want organizations that can help them achieve their aspirations and work towards a greater purpose. At CBL Exports, everyone understands the importance of their role across the food supply chain and in driving national growth. We have a high performance caring culture that provides the right opportunities for people to grow.

Employees want clear career paths and transparent rewards and recognition schemes and, it is crucial that employees can respect and rely on the company they are a part of. Committing to our core values, and doing business that is ethical and fair, are important aspects for CBL Exports and the CBL Group. Although CBL Exports is only 8-yearsold, we have an agile and resilient group of employees because of our culture.

Worklife balance is key and we try to facilitate as many activities as possible. We also have an open-door policy and a robust grievance handling process. We always try to stick by our principles, even during the most uncertain of times and this was really evident from the start of the pandemic. We were able to mobilize immediately and be proactive to take the necessary safety measures. We ran on minimum staff numbers and asked all employees over 50 and feeding mothers to stay at home.

Our staff were there throughout the lockdown, giving their absolute best and in turn, the company ensured their safety through providing door-to-door transport, access to essential goods and support for their mental and emotional wellbeing. During the pandemic, we made it a point to not make any pay cuts or layoffs and even paid team members their bonuses. We could only do that if we have a successful operation, allowing us to fulfil the customer’s needs. Our workforce understands that working together in achieving a unified vision directly aligns with their KPI and performance targets.

Besides this, other initiatives like sessions on emotional intelligence, kaizen program, 5S process, cross-functional training opportunities and more are facilitated by our HR teams. Our Performance and Development Planning (PDP) process connects organizational goals to individual objectives and also covers employees’ aspirations, development, etc. We offer access to the right tools and opportunities for training and skills development. We follow a 70:20:10 learning and development plan linked to our PDP process, which is 10% formal training, 20% learning from others and 70% on-the-job training. We are very involved in creating growth for our communities.

Munchee is Sri Lanka’s leading biscuit brand and we are invested in being a company that leads by example. We are committed to creating a better Sri Lanka through our business. Our teams are involved in planting trees in every school in the area, we manage our waste in environmentally friendly ways, we work to make our processes efficient so we consume less resources and we support our communities in disaster and crisis. Our Chairman’s Awards recognizes our efforts towards sustainable growth of our triple bottom line.

We are also actively involved in developing the food supply chain. Through our collaboration with the IFC we are helping small business owners receive training and support to thrive and, encouraging more female entrepreneurship. Quality is the foremost priority when it comes to our products. We have reached over 60 countries across the world and we are in leading airlines and supermarkets in many continents because our quality is consistent. Our employees are excited about creating products of unbeatable standards.

It is this value driven employee-employer relationship that has resulted in year-on-year growth at CBL Exports.