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Thursday February 22nd, 2024

Certis Lanka Home Nursing & Swift Care Affirms Status as a Top 10 Best Workplace for Women

For its holistic approach to empowering women, the company makes the Great Place to Work list for the fourth consecutive year.

Certis Lanka Home Nursing & Swift Care (Pvt) Ltd has been named in the Top 10 List for Best Workplaces for Women for the fourth consecutive year by the Great Place to Work Institute. This prestigious honour has been awarded based on the perception of the female employees, representation of women in the workplace and the best practices and policies that empower the women in the Certis Lanka Home Nursing & Swift Care family.

Certis Lanka Home Nursing & Swift Care (Certis Lanka), the pioneering market leader in providing home nursing services for over 25 years, offers a range of services, including home and industrial nursing, emergency services and 24 x 7 doctor-on-call services. It has a high percentage of female representation and has therefore implemented practices to encourage and enable women to excel at work while balancing their professional and personal lives. The flexible and helpful nature of the Certis Lanka culture empowers women to meet their diverse obligations whilst achieving a work-life balance which has improved their morale, engagement and commitment to themselves, customers and the organization.

Most success stories of Certis Lanka have had humble beginnings with the company. Through the many development programmes we offer, individuals have been able to identify, nurture and develop their leadership skills, break the glass ceiling and achieve the pinnacle of success.

Certis Lanka understands that employees are its most treasured asset, and caring about their well-being is a core priority. The company has crafted many programmes targeting female nurse aides, including health checks and early detection screenings for cancer and other ailments. In addition, a new initiative employs female medical professionals to assist in their physical well-being. Certis Lanka also treats the psychological well-being of the staff as a top priority, conducting counselling sessions with in-house professionals for employees who require professional help for work-related or personal issues.

This multi-faceted approach of Certis Lanka in providing equity and equality for the staff members has contributed to its recognition as a Top 10 Best Workplace for Women for four consecutive years. Certis Lanka Home Nursing & Swift Care pledges to keep the employees happy and motivated by providing them with a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling career, thereby providing their customers peace of mind by Securing their World.