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Tuesday April 23rd, 2024

Cloud Transformation: Enabling Global MNCs to Overhaul Operations

Left – Anika Ali Chowdhury, Corporate Projects Manager of CEMCOA Right – Masudur Rahman, Head of MIS (Management Information System) department of SSGIL

Sri Lankan growth-enabler Lexicon Tech is helping Hong Kong-based group SSGIL (Shun Shing Group International Ltd) reimagine and transform business with Oracle Cloud.

Lexicon Tech, founded in 2019, is a management consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy, consulting, technology, solution integration and operations services. Whilst filling a void in the market for end-to-end systems integrations solutions and business applications consultancy, the start-up has a growing client base spanning Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Singapore, and West Asia that it serves from its offices in Colombo and regional headquarters in Singapore. Lexicon Tech is the only certified local partner for Oracle EBS suite migrations to Oracle Cloud in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Through its entry into Cloud transformation, Lexicon Tech established a distinct edge over competitors by building expertise in Oracle Cloud technology since its inception. Today, the company is capitalising on this advantage.

Deep industry knowledge, tech expertise and relationships with vendor brands, alongside an ability to understand unique business needs and execute projects on time, have proven advantageous for Lexicon Tech, which seeks to help companies build seamless, integrated business solutions from multiple software and hardware sourced from various vendors.

These attributes render Lexicon Tech the ability to cater to Shun Shing Group International (SSGIL), a multinational based in Hong Kong to transform the way they do business, most recently evidenced by its approach taken in migrating the On-Premises Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), a tier-one ERP offering, application of SSGIL to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which includes components of Infrastructure as a Services Cloud (IaaS Cloud) and Platform as a Service Cloud (PaaS) components such as Oracle Database Cloud Service.

SSGIL, is headquartered in Hong Kong with regional hubs in Bangladesh and Dubai. SSGIL engages in bulk commodity trade, ship chartering and manufacturing of cement, cementitious materials and solid fuels to a wide customer base in the industrial, construction and power generation industries.

In this instance, whereas SSGIL lacked a sophisticated Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for its ERP and no exposure to Oracle Cloud, as part of its endeavour, Lexicon Tech was able to initially configure a DR setup on the cloud as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Harsha Jayadarshana, Chief Experience Officer at Lexicon Tech, explains that “following several rounds of DR switchovers, Lexicon Tech was able to demonstrate to SSGIL the reliability of Oracle Cloud as a means to migrate to the production environment. Lexicon Tech then used Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) for the Oracle DB migration, in turn offering numerous automated support features.”

In addition to the EBS, Lexicon Tech was also involved in the migration of SSGIL’s third-party EBS integrated applications to Oracle, by creating a tunnel between OCI and Azure to access certain third-party applications. Today, Lexicon Tech takes pride in the fact that all of the customer’s EBS related components are on the cloud in terms of Production, DR and Development environments.

Head of MIS (Management Information System) department of SSGIL – Masudur Rahman comments on the successful transformation: “The existing Oracle EBS infrastructure was hosted at an on-premises data centre based in Hong Kong and the hardware (servers, storage, network devices, etc.) was almost past its end of life and creating risks. It demanded investment in new hardware. The OS/VM/Storage software was also old and there was a need to upgrade to newer versions.”

Priyantha Cooray, Chief Technology Officer of Lexicon


He also notes that “overall, a large one-time capex investment was needed. Besides the infrastructure cost, there was a huge charge for data centre rent, new hardware, software replacement and upgrade charge. As well as time constraints, maintenance downtime, and a huge risk of system failure. Considering the above, we decided that if we could migrate the on-premises workload to the Cloud environment, it would reduce the risk, cost and time of migration.” However, thanks to Oracle and Lexicon, SSGIL has reduced capex costs by more than 35%. “The other challenge was maintaining an up and running both Production and Disaster Recovery sites 24/7, and we were able to overcome that challenge as well with the Oracle Cloud adaptation,” confirms Anika Ali Chowdhury, Corporate Projects Manager CEMCOA, a wholly owned company of SSGIL. “Having successfully completed two projects with Lexicon on time and on budget, we look forward to rolling phase 3 with this dynamic company,” she said.

Set against the backdrop of yet another successful offshore Oracle EBS lift and shift project, the Lexicon Tech team appears even more confident of accepting any Cloud challenges that come its way, especially those related to Oracle EBS.

From left: Ashinsa Wishvajith, Priyashan Weerakkodi, Amash Kuruneru, Malith Samarathunga