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Friday July 1st, 2022

Crysbro: Sri Lanka’s ‘Chicken Specialist’ ruling the roost for 50 years

Amores Sellar Group Manager Marketing, Crysbro

Sri Lanka’s poultry product consumption has gradually grown over the years and is now a common source of nutrition in the diet of a large segment of the population. Amidst such a backdrop, leading poultry producing giant Crysbro is marking its 50th anniversary as the country’s only Chicken Specialist, bringing people together to enjoy healthy meals full of nutrition and freshness.

Crysbro has built a reputation as a company that is deeply committed to following constituted protocols that it has put in place to maintain the highest standards in food safety. Its commitment to secure and safe production and handling of poultry makes for a delectable end-product full of nutrition and freshness. Crysbro is the first poultry company in Sri Lanka to be awarded the ISO 14001 certification for Environment Management Standards. The brand is also the recipient of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management, is certified by the Halal Accreditation Council (HAC), the foremost “Halal” certifying company with GSO 2055- 1:2015 and GSO 993:2015.

The early days of Crysbro go back to the year 1972 when its Founder had the vision to create the ultimate culinary experience in chicken for Sri Lankan consumers by providing the finest in taste and nourishment together with absolute convenience. Having started operations with only 100 chicks, Crysbro gradually developed its facilities by embracing modern technology, which helped to deliver the best quality and tastiest chicken products in the market to all Sri Lankans.

Since then, Crysbro has constantly kept pace with the latest technology and its newest addition is its state-of-the-art molecular laboratory at its processing plant that accurately monitors the health of its poultry flocks and assesses any potential risks in advance, without having to compromise on operational productivity along its production chain. When it comes to the human element, all staff members involved in every step of the production process are also fully equipped with personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, sanitation and more. Along with such advances, as the first to introduce Cryovac (vacuum sealed) packaging in Sri Lanka, the company has already set its sights on new product developments in keeping with its innovative approach.

Crysbro continues to play a key role in driving economic prosperity in the country through its leading role within the poultry industry. The industry is known to be one of the country’s highest agricultural revenue generators and is a disciplined, structured and consistent taxpayer. Over the next few years, Crysbro is slated to continue as an integral player within the industry as demand for poultry rises across the country in line with population and tourism growth alongside the escalating costs of other meat sources.

Sustainability has played a central role in Crysbro’s list of operational priorities and as a result, during the past five decades, the company has made a monumental impact beyond simply nourishing the nation. Be it empowering partner farming communities, initiating environmentally friendly practices or facilitating the growth of its employees, the company has constantly looked to set benchmarks with its Corporate Social Responsibility activities. This is most pronounced in its endeavours to uplift the lives of maize farmers and chicken outgrowers located across the country. Crysbro’s strong links with these farmers, who either supply the maize which is fed to the chickens or raise chickens in partnership with the company, enable livelihood creation within these remote communities. While ensuring that it empowered the rural economy every step of the way, Crysbro has supported sports that bring glory to Sri Lanka and launched numerous CSR initiatives that have made a positive impact and helped uplift the daily lives of underprivileged communities across the island.

Crysbro’s carefully planned approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is portrayed by the wide array of initiatives the company has successfully carried out. These include Contract Breeders and Contract Farmer programmes, distribution of school books and stationery among deserving students, renovating and maintaining wards at hospitals, and rebuilding roads. Going beyond, the company has stepped forward to inspire, encourage and reward the next generation of Sri Lanka’s up-and-coming sportsmen and sportswomen through its one-of-a-kind grass-roots campaign ‘Crysbro Next Champ’ which was launched in 2018. ‘Crysbro Next Champ’ provides food supplements, clothing, sporting gear, equipment, training, and a monthly wage to push these future stars in the direction of success in their sporting careers, and provide them with the opportunity to bring glory to Sri Lanka. The immense potential of this campaign was underscored by the fact that it led to a partnership with the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka (NOC SL).

Crysbro strongly believes in helping the communities where it serves so that the communities living in the areas surrounding its facilities can enjoy a higher quality of life. By outsourcing its chicken breeding to selected families, the company can uplift them economically and in many other ways. In addition to providing direct employment for farmers on the company’s land, through year-round crop rotation, it also purchases grain from farming families in various regions, thereby offering a steady income and uplifting their lives. Crysbro Feed Mill Plant located at Weerabugedara, in Kurunegala, is where the harvested grains are turned into chicken feed. This is Sri Lanka’s largest and most modern livestock feed plant.