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Saturday July 20th, 2024

El Toro Unveils Add-On: A Sustainable Space Solution

(L – R) Kelum Hewawasam, Chief Marketing Officer of El Toro,  Ajith Manoj Weeraman, Chief Executive Officer of El Toro

Renowned for introducing fibre cement products using sustainable raw materials and German technology, El Toro has recently unveiled its latest creation – the Add-On. This standalone structure, shaped like a house, serves as a versatile solution for storage or space expansion, aligning seamlessly with El Toro’s commitment to sustainability and customer convenience.

The Add-On is a creative introduction to the market and can be assembled in a short time without requiring a construction crew – providing a quick and efficient solution to the challenges of adding more space. The inspiration for El-Toro’s latest creation emerged from a gap in the market, where traditional construction methods for space expansion and storage projects are time-consuming and require skilled labour, approvals, and extensive raw materials. The Add-On, alternatively, is a swift, cost-effective alternative that saves both time and resources.

El Toro’s Chief Executive Officer Ajith Manoj Weeraman reflects on this, stating, “Add-On is one of the do-it-yourself products that comes with a few components. Two people can assemble it within a minimum of 6 hours easily adding new space to your home or business. Building similar products requires approvals, skilled workers, and raw materials such as cement and bricks, which takes more than a week.”

El Toro’s commitment to sustainability is built into the Add-On’s very fabric. This construction, which is made up of 80% El Toro products and 20% wood, represents a huge environmental win. Each unit would need the sacrifice of three trees if built entirely of wood. El Toro proudly declares the preservation of three trees in our world with each Add-On, demonstrating its commitment to environmentally beneficial operations.

El Toro’s innovative approach to meeting customer needs is evident in the Add-On. “We always consider customer convenience. Most of our new innovative products are finished products. The customer has less work and less hassle” stated Weeraman. This thoughtful and innovative ethos of the brand resonates with the Add-On, which offers extra living or working space without the burden of conventional building.

The Add-On has advantages for both homeowners and companies, who can use it to expand their living or working space or add more storage – creating more growth opportunities. The structure’s mobility is a particularly unique advantage, allowing users to adapt their spaces as their needs evolve. Installation is not only more convenient compared to traditional methods, but also a much cleaner and faster process. Weeraman explores this idea further, stating “the Add-On can easily integrate into the aesthetics of your house or workspace, adding not just design value but also functionality.

For homes, it could be used as a space to store gardening supplies and tools. For businesses, this could be extra storage for workshop equipment and products”. The Add-On’s key benefits – its practicality and its affordability, with a price point that doesn’t compromise on quality – set it apart from the alternative storage solutions. For those unable to install it themselves, El Toro will go the extra mile, offering free installation by its dedicated team of experts with only transport charges applicable to the customer. 

“We identified that there is a need in the market through conversations with our customers. When we understood their problem and discovered that everybody wanted extra space in their day-to-day life, we wanted to come up with a solution that was functional and convenient without compromising on cost or aesthetics. That’s the perspective on which we are bringing the Add-On to the market” stated El Toro’s Chief Marketing Officer Kelum Hewawasam emphasizing benefits such as convenience and value for money of their latest product.

El Toro takes pride in the durability of its products, and the Add-On is no exception. Offering an impressive 30-year warranty (excluding paint), El Toro sets a high standard in the construction industry, assuring customers of a long-lasting and reliable investment. El Toro’s product durability, quality, and sustainability have been certified through the years, with a few such as the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, ISO 14064-1:2018 GHG Inventory Verification, and Carbon Conscious Factory (by the Sustainable Future Group) being noteworthy among their many credentials.

El Toro’s commitment to accessibility is evident through its extensive distribution network, boasting over 17 distributors and 2000 dealers island-wide. Installation is made hassle-free with free installation services, complemented by comprehensive product manuals and round-the-clock technical support. As El Toro celebrates the launch of the Add-On, the brand promises more wood substitute products with value additions. With sustainability at its core, El Toro continues to lead the way in innovative solutions that cater to diverse customer needs.

El Toro’s Add-On is more than just a structure; it’s a statement—an embodiment of sustainable innovation that brings convenience and affordability to the forefront. As the brand continues to break new ground, it reinforces its position as a premium, pioneering, green brand that goes beyond expectations towards the extraordinary.