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Tuesday May 28th, 2024

From Groundbreaking Tech to Skyline: DIMO’s Approach to Building Services

Chaminda Ranawana Executive Director of DIMO

In the dynamic arena of DIMO’s building services segment, Fluid Technologies, Car Parking Systems, and Building Maintenance emerge as beacons of innovation, consistently pushing boundaries under the strategic leadership of Chaminda Ranawana, Executive Director at DIMO. Ranawana who is also steering the Construction, Industrial and Water clusters of the group, reinforces the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability across diverse fronts. With a strategic focus on Fluid Technologies, Car Parking Systems, and Building Maintenance, DIMO pioneers transformative solutions that redefine industry standards.

Leading the Charge in Fluid Technologies: DIMO’s Fluid Technologies offer a comprehensive range of services for the building services sector, covering essential components such as Fire Pumps & Systems for Fire Fighting applications, Pressure Boosting Systems for water supply networks, Pumps for HVAC Systems, Hot Water Systems, De-Watering Applications, Drinking Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Rain Water Harvesting Systems. Collaborating with the principal partner KSB from Germany, the company delivers tailored solutions for various building types. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and expertise, the company ensures the efficiency and reliability of fluid systems, driving excellence in building operations across Sri Lanka.

Revolutionizing Car Parking Systems: As a pioneer and market leader in introducing automated parking solutions to Sri Lanka, the company enables developers to optimize land use and achieve optimal returns on investment, particularly in densely populated areas such as Colombo. DIMO’s suite of services encompasses from compact car storage solutions to fully automated systems, and efficient parking management software ensuring seamless integration, reliability, and efficiency for building complexes.

Elevating Building Maintenance Standards: The introduction of Gondola Systems and aerial work platforms under the group’s building services portfolio manifests the company’s commitment to ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of high-rise buildings. By providing secure and efficient maintenance platforms, the company not only enhances worker safety but also establishes itself as an industry leader in building maintenance solutions.

“With a focus on driving growth and development across our Building Services segments, we aim to capitalize on emerging opportunities while fostering strategic partnerships and prioritizing customer-centric solutions, and through an unwavering dedication to excellence, our people in the DIMO tribe continue to shape the future of Sri Lanka’s building infrastructure landscape, driving progress and prosperity for generations to come,” Ranawana says.

Technology Infusion

Ranawana goes on to explain how DIMO is introducing cutting-edge technologies to transform the building services sector in Sri Lanka.

The company’s Automated Parking Systems (APS) represent a paradigm shift in parking efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Employing advanced robotics, APS optimizes vehicle movement, eliminating the need for individual parking floors and ramps. This innovation results in significant space efficiency gains, with over 50% improvement, and up to 20% reduction in construction costs compared to traditional solutions.

Enhanced safety features, including vehicle and human detection sensors, coupled with real-time data analysis, prioritize user and vehicle safety. The successful implementation of APS solutions at prominent sites such as the HSBC Office Building in Union Place and the Siyapatha Finance Head Office Building exemplifies DIMO’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technologies that maximize space utilization, cost savings, and user experience, setting new benchmarks for urban development projects.

DIMO has revolutionized building maintenance by introducing Gondola Systems, replacing hazardous traditional methods like spider-man systems. This innovative approach prioritizes safety while leveraging technology to streamline facade maintenance operations.

The Power of Collaboration

Ranawana explains how collaborations with global experts are also having a transformational impact. Collaborations with world-renowned brands such as KSB pumps, Evoqua, MHE-Demag, and Haulotte have enabled the company to introduce customized solutions to the market creating a positive customer experience.

According to Ranawana, by harnessing the expertise of its foreign principals and local engineering talent, DIMO establishes itself as a trusted provider of innovative solutions in fluid technologies, car parking and building maintenance segments driving sustainable urban development and meeting the evolving needs of Sri Lanka’s building infrastructure landscape.

Championing Sustainability

For DIMO, excellence in business operations goes hand in hand with a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. Ranawana, elucidating DIMO’s ethos, emphasizes the group’s unwavering dedication to sustainability with its sustainability agenda evolving around three pillars creating resilient communities, conserving living plants and developing a resilient business. “Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword across the group; it’s a fundamental principle guiding every aspect of its operations,” he says.

In Fluid Technologies, with its partner KSB, the company delivers cutting-edge solutions from water supply to drainage systems while facilitating heating, fire alarm systems, air-conditioning systems, and other systems forming the backbone of convenience, safe and efficient building operations.

DIMO’s Automated Parking Systems exemplify the group’s commitment to environmental stewardship and energy efficiency. By prioritizing sustainability in parking solutions, it integrates various sustainable technologies such as regenerative drives, VFD motors, LED lighting, and standby mode functionalities. These innovative features optimize energy usage, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize the ecological footprint of parking facilities. DIMO’s dedication to sustainability not only enhances the environmental performance of its Automated Parking Systems but also fosters the development of greener urban infrastructure, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

In the domain of Building Maintenance, the company leads the charge in promoting sustainable building practices through proactive maintenance solutions. These strategic initiatives contribute to the preservation of resources, reduction of waste, and enhancement of energy efficiency in the building services business, setting a precedent for sustainable practices in the industry.

Driving Expansion

Ranawana next sheds light on the company’s strategy, emphasizing its focus on uplifting local markets while extending its global footprint with the unique offerings of DIMO.

Through its expertise in Fluid Technologies, DIMO is exploring opportunities beyond Sri Lanka, particularly in markets like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, and Dubai. Leveraging its proficiency in this sector, DIMO is aiming to deliver innovative solutions and cater to the diverse needs of clients in these regions.

The group’s foray into the automated parking system business in the Maldives, exemplified by the successful completion of the Nasandhura Hotel complex project in Male, signifies the company’s strategic expansion into the South Asian market. This achievement underscores a proactive approach to collaboration with foreign architects, consultants, developers, and government authorities in the region.

By promoting state-of-the-art solutions and cultivating partnerships, DIMO addresses the rising demand for efficient parking solutions in South Asia. Positioned as a leading provider of automated parking systems, it contributes to urban development and infrastructure enhancement across borders, driving sustainable growth and value creation in the region.

Reshaping the future

“Resting on our laurels is not an option, not for anyone at DIMO. We are driven by a vision for the future, outlined through strategic initiatives across the various sectors we are involved in,” Ranawana says.

In Fluid Technologies, the focus is on addressing water scarcity through efficient and effective technologies. Plans include the implementation of systems for water extraction, treatment, distribution, water recycling, and zero discharge, aligning with global sustainability goals.

For Car Parking, there are plans to focus on the growth and development of its Automated Parking System (APS) business in Sri Lanka. Strategies include enhancing market penetration in emerging urban centres, investing in research and development for innovative APS solutions, fostering strategic partnerships with government bodies and urban planners, and prioritizing customer satisfaction through comprehensive support services.

In Building Maintenance, the group identifies the growing demand for safe and efficient solutions in high-rise buildings, particularly in urban areas like Colombo. By positioning itself as a provider of essential services, the company aims to tap into this lucrative market segment, offering sustainable building maintenance solutions through its Gondola business.

As the digitalization of building services continues to gain momentum, DIMO remains at the forefront of facilitating the transition to connected buildings. Its partnerships with reputed brands enable the realization of the vision of smart cities, where interconnected systems and technologies optimize resource usage, enhance efficiency, and improve quality of life. “By embracing digitalization, we are empowering our customers to build and operate connected buildings that are environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced,” Ranawana avers.

“As DIMO charts the course for the future, our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric strategies remains unwavering. By embracing opportunities for growth and expansion while addressing societal and environmental challenges, we continue to drive positive change, not only for the company but also for the communities through fuelling their dreams and aspirations,” Ranawana explains.