How Alpha Industries retains its market leadership in a competitive industry

These industry giants are here to stay

There is plenty of noise in the business world, but the best spaces have the capacity to cut through it all and say something meaningful – something that inspires people to pause, gather, connect and refresh. Safraz Careem –Director/ COO explains how Alpha Industries retains its market leadership in a competitive industry.

Over a half century of market leadership is a remarkable achievement for any business. Retaining its market leadership in an aggressively competitive industry, dictated by global demands, is a testament to the commitment of Alpha Industries. It is clear that only a company who stays well-informed with the changing market trends could survive over 50 years retaining its market leadership. Alpha’s main aim was to evolve with the fast-changing demands for office furniture. The range has now expanded to solid wood, and engineered wood like melamine, to cater to current demands and creating workspaces with a nostalgic look and feel, that supports a holistic state of well-being!

Alpha is a knowledge partner with research into the latest workplace trends. Alpha partners with the clients to improve their understanding of organizational culture, to improve engagement among the workforce, and to furnish spaces with inspiring furniture pieces from two of their very own state-of-the-art factories with a total floor area of 150,000 square feet which is equipped with technically advanced machinery.

The equipment for manufacture of steel safes and furniture consists of hydraulic press brakes machines, shearing machines, mechanical guillotines, power presses, tube cutters and automatic tube benders, pretreatment plant and stove enameling plant together with powder coating plant for finishing. Director/ COO, Safraz Careem explains “that our customers have built their confidence on our brand based on our commitment to the industry. We have invested in manufacturing plants, a team of efficient and skilled craftsman, top interior designers and partnerships with world renowned furniture brands, and most importantly, we are able to cope up with the market trends in order to give out the best to our clients.”

Alpha Industries launched in 1963, is a family owned business, started by N.E. Weerasooriya the brother of our current chairman, Mr. Sarath Weerasooriya and the uncle of our vice chairman, Mr. Priyanjith Weerasooriya, of Finco Holdings who is also currently MD of Alpha Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Alpha is a subsidiary of the multi-disciplined Finco Holdings which has many businesses in the group including hotels, IT companies, consultancies, travel and trading. Safraz explains, “With over 50 years of experience, Alpha Industries has grown its way from providing security  office furniture and interior solutions. Carving out a historical landmark in the annals of Sri Lanka, Alpha Industries pioneered the manufacturing of the country’s first ever Security Equipment and Light Metal Office Furniture products in 1963, which remains one of our biggest markets. Alpha has a widespread showroom network along with island-wide distribution and service network.”

Safraz adds, “our range of safes includes high-security bank and personal safes, document safes, fireproof cupboards, anti-hold up safes, vault doors, strong doors, safe deposit lockers, and custom-designed strongboxes, and remains the largest supplier of safes to the banking sector.” One important lesson the company learned right from the start was to evolve with the rapidly shifting demands for office furniture. Safraz emphasizes that, “We have served our clients for the past 50 years and built an excellent after-sales service reputation over the years. Our customers have built trust and confidence in the quality of our after sales service, which operates 24 hours island wide as much as the quality of our furniture”.

The company is committed to sustainability. Even their clients now request for more environmentally friendly material for their solutions. “We now use low emissions E1 boards for our furniture,” reveals Safraz. “We are also planning to eliminate plastic from our production process.” As a manufacturer, Alpha has witnessed the employer concern towards their employees’ comfort and wellbeing and creating a healthy environment. “We have witnessed paradigm shifts in office interiors and at present and have accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience in offering Interior Solutions from design to build as per customer requirement.”

Workplace design is in a constant state of flux. The work we do and the ways we do it will always be evolving. Safraz states, “the most important thing to remember is to keep your eyes and ears open. Seek out new trends in work styles and spaces, solicit ongoing feedback from your clients and be flexible and ready to change. The trend today is more of an open office for maximum flexibility

Safraz Careem Director/ COO at Alpha Industries

and work/life integration.  Within office environments, social spaces empower people to choose destinations to work, gather, socialize or just recharge.  Companies also consider outdoor patios and terraces too. People love nature, and research has shown that just being outside offers a whole host of well-being benefits and promotes creativity. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alpha Industries saw a change in how employers considered the spaces their employees worked in and we have been able to adjust to the client requirement and cater to their needs accordingly.”

Alpha Industries plans for 2021 includes growing the business in the healthcare furniture segment and its interior solution segment. “We want to be known as a one-stop-shop for all office furniture solutions, from flooring, lighting and ceiling to entire work stations. Alpha Industries is the ideal investment, if you are looking for authenticity and locally manufactured security, office furniture and interior solutions that are being sought. Its satisfied clientele which encompasses leading banks, airlines, retail stores, home appliance stores, hospitals and hotels etc. will attest to its commitment to delivering its promises. You can see some of our standout projects on our website”

Safraz also mentions that “Alpha Industries also exports to the Maldives and India and is looking to expand to the African region as well. But our aim is to keep our prime focus predominately in Sri Lanka.” Alpha Industries is a dominant force in Sri Lanka’s office furniture solutions industry. With their unparalleled quality, these industry giants are here to stay.  “Why settle for sub-par solutions, when ‘Alpha’ is just one call away? Alpha Office Furniture Collection is all about creating high- impression and social spaces that speaks to people, impacting not only how they feel and connect, but also how they remember your brands,” concludes Safraz.