How Collective RCM created a workplace that’s attractive to millennials

Constant support provided to our team members on both professional and personal level is a natural process at Collective.

Collective RCM focuses on revenue cycle and operational improvements for middle-and -upper market healthcare systems. Director, Shanka Hewagamage, shares his insights into how Collective has become one of the most sought companies to work at in Sri Lanka.

Globally, millennials care about various aspects. How does Collective RCM meet the needs of its young staff?


We are a forerunner in providing innovative ways of work-life balance for our team. Since inception five years ago, we have had flexibility in working hours, leave holidays, work-from-home

practices, attire, and more. We are happy to see that some of these are becoming the new norm in the rest of the world. Irrespective of designation, everyone enjoys the same flexibilities. To enable that, we thrive at using the latest technologies in managing workload and data security.


Many companies use your designation as a motivational factor. We do not. Designations do not mean power nor a career path, but the level of responsibility carried out by each individual. What defines you is your contribution to the success of the company.

So, nobody can bully or disrespect another with authority. Everybody is constantly informed exactly where they need to improve to get more responsibilities within their capacity. Everyone is either a superstar of their own, or we help them get there. It is very unrealistic and unfair to gauge a few “Best Performers” when everybody is fighting a different battle at work. We do not encourage rivalry among individuals.

We recognize someone helping another to become better than someone working to become better, than the other. But we encourage them to fight their weaknesses individually and fight client-related challenges as a team. We have amazing rewards for staff.

Multiple bonuses, income and performance-based incentives, foreign holiday tours, lifestyle enhancement allowances, industry-related education and licensing opportunities are a few of these. Everybody knows why someone received a reward and what they accomplished to receive it.


We invest in our team to enhance their industry-specific education. Unlike general education, these programs require higher investment from the company and also the involvement of the USA, Sri Lanka and India.

How has the company benefitted by creating a workplace that’s appealing to millennials?

We have built an environment that makes anyone who walks in, voluntarily want to stay longer, which is why our staff turnover is low. Keeping the best in the industry with us by creating a workplace that is attractive to both millennials and Generation Z is our biggest win as a company.

Why do millennials find Collective so attractive?

Our entire team, including the senior leadership, are millennials, so the chemistry and the way everyone thinks, have always been a delightful blend. This has organically made the organisation the preferred workplace for millennials. We did not build this company by implementing traditional work practices. We erased everything we know about running a company and built it from scratch to make it a dream workplace.

First, we implemented everything we thought would best suit such a workplace. Second, we welcomed traditional work practices only if they did not override our unique Collective work practices.

How do you align the goals of the organisation with employee expectations?

We put organisational goals and team member expectations into two different baskets. Most of our organisational goals revolve around client demands. Our team is mature enough to understand that our clients’ demands and the consistency of the company are the two most important focal areas, regardless of individual expectations. And that enables us to meet individual expectations. We offer benefits to the team before they ask for it.

So, even if there is an odd day the company cannot meet some individual expectations, our team understands that it is due to very fair circumstances. This is how much we trust each other.

However, one of the company’s objectives is to ensure we pulse-check every team member for their happiness levels in their current state and endeavour to keep it constant. We always live up to our word, so we never give false hopes or unrealistic promises.

And how do you keep millennials motivated?

Millennials are in the ages of getting married, starting families, buying properties and assets, and also investing in their futures. Some key areas that matter during this age are flexibility, time to enjoy their lives, superior advice on where to invest their hard-earned money, support for managing finances, and how to manage their work so they have enough time to spend with their friends and families etc. We provide all of this to our team in abundance.

Our HR department, known as our Care Team, is always on the watch to see who needs support, particularly in these areas.