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Monday December 4th, 2023

Lexicon tech’s superheroes

L to R – Back Sandun Maduhansa – Finance BU, Peshali Kularathne – HR BU, Isuru Sandaruwan – Finance BU, Lalantha Madhushan – Cloud BU, Pathum Silva – Business Applications BU, Amash Kuruneru – Data Management BU L to R – Front Jalani Dissanayake – Data Management BU Chamathka Laksahani – Project Management BU Jeewani Shalika – Development BU

Powered by an empowered workforce, this young, fast-growing tech company is quickly expanding beyond Sri Lanka’s borders since launching in 2019.

Lexicon Tech’s Senior Account Manager Gimhani Liyanage, Functional Consultant Kavindu Hewawasam and Lead Software Engineer Jeewani Shalika weigh in on why the technology company has had phenomenal success in expanding overseas since launching on the eve of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Can you take us through some of the highlights of Lexicon Tech’s growth thus far, and what are your thoughts on Lexicon Tech’s team rising to make these achievements a reality?

Gimhani: We started our journey with Oracle as a technology partner and have since expanded our technology partnership network to other solution verticals as well, collaborating with leading global names such as Huawei, Azure, AWS for Cloud offerings, UiPath for Robotics Process Automation, Acumatica SaaS ERP and many other InfoSec partnerships. We are not merely in the business of being a Systems Integrator. We work as trusted advisors to our clients on their digitalization and cloudification journeys. To cater to this better, we always come forward to help our clients choose the best-suited technological solution to their specific requirement/s rather than merely dumping products onto them.

During the first year, our market comprised Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. However, we have since expanded to Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia and the GCC, and we keep growing.

While Lexicon is a young tech company compared to most of its peers, we have taken giant strides during this short period. That has been a humbling experience. Our success is due to the trusted partnerships we established with our commitment, technology know-how, superior customer service and our ability to understand and translate customer pain points, business values and challenges into tech solutions most effectively and efficiently.

How does the culture at Lexicon Tech translate into the team creating unparalleled technological experiences for its clients?

Kavindu: To us, our clients are a part of our Lexicon family. At Lexicon, we are always encouraged to think from a customer’s perspective because customer satisfaction is a top priority. We have a designated single point of contact for every client to reach us for support at any time. We have frequent client visits and sync-ups to assure clients of our dedication and commitment to service excellence above and beyond their expectations.

What makes the experience of being a team member at Lexicon Tech unique compared to its peers?

Jeewani: Lexicon is a great place to work, embracing employees of all experience levels, backgrounds, and beliefs. Lexicon understands the value of diversity, and our team consists of individuals from all walks of life. We have a wholesome work environment where managers trust their employees to work smart and make good decisions. Team members trust their leaders to support and guide them. They also trust each other, unlocking the power of collaboration to achieve the shared objectives of Lexicon. Open communication creates trust in the workplace, prevents misunderstandings and facilitates better alignment among diverse teams. Lexicon is always ready to adapt its approach to fulfilling client needs with the latest technological advancements. We constantly create and recreate new solutions and strategies, making Lexicon an exciting workplace that we are all proud of.

What is your approach to nurturing team members to strive towards greater heights?

Gimhani: Inherently, everyone has great potential, and that motivates us to do everything we can to support our employees to become the best versions of themselves. Every employee brings some level of experience and knowledge to the workplace. We help reshape and develop their knowledge and skills through continuous training and development programmes. We expose them to various challenges so they can master their areas of expertise and hone their technical and soft skills. Lexicon Tech believes great employees are most engaged when their values align with the organization. So, we give them the space to contribute to strategic planning and process improvements by encouraging participative management.

We have a mentoring programme where each team member gets a mentor responsible for their growth. Employees are always encouraged to participate in workshops to deepen their knowledge and broaden their scope of adjacent disciplines and technologies. We also provide many opportunities to attend workshops to hone their leadership and soft skills. Lexicon firmly believes in not limiting growth to career progression. Therefore, the overall well-being of each team member is of utmost importance to us.