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Monday March 4th, 2024

People, Purpose, and Progress: Decoding 99x’s Pillars of Triumph

Hasith Yaggahavita – Chief Executive of 99x

At the heart of 99x’s success is a meticulously crafted people policy which forms the backbone of the organization’s ethos. In this interview, Hasith Yaggahavita, Chief Executive of 99x, discusses the organisation’s unwavering commitment to customer focus, collaboration, and personal growth that sets it apart in the competitive tech industry.

Can you share insights into the pillars of your organization’s people policy?

At 99x, our unwavering commitment to growth and excellence is anchored in our people policy, a cornerstone in our thriving presence within the software services industry. This policy, meticulously crafted around three fundamental pillars, embodies the essence of our organizational ethos.

First and foremost is our unyielding commitment to customer focus, aptly called “customer obsession.” A robust people policy becomes paramount for sustained growth in the dynamic service industry, where people are our most valuable asset. This commitment propels us each morning, driving us to resolve complex challenges and deliver unparalleled value to our esteemed clients. The second pillar revolves around teamwork, underscoring the philosophy of placing “We” before “I.” This collective approach ensures that the synergy among our talented individuals culminates in creating superior products. The emphasis on collaboration and mutual support enhances our capacity to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Simultaneously, the third pillar, encapsulated in the concept of the growth mindset, permeates our culture. We actively encourage and invite our team members to challenge their limits, fostering personal development beyond predefined boundaries. This commitment to individual growth contributes to our collective ability to deliver extraordinary outcomes by the day’s end, ultimately enhancing the value we bring to our customers.

What opportunities do you identify in the current market?

At 99x, we keenly recognise and seize strategic opportunities within the market to stay at the forefront of innovation. The landscape of our industry, customers, and the market at large demands a swift pace of innovation, setting new expectations for the speed of development.

Traditionally, projects that spanned months or even years are anticipated to be accomplished within days or weeks. This accelerated pace presents a significant opportunity for us. As 99x, we are well-positioned to meet these expectations, attributing our confidence to the calibre of our people and the innovative culture embedded within our organization.

In addition to our proficiency in rapid innovation, we identify another promising opportunity in the sustainable market. There is a global movement towards fostering sustainability, especially in business practices, aiming to create a more sustainable world. Here, 99x stands out with its commitment to ethical business practices and a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility, placing us in an advantageous position within the landscape of the sustainability movement.

By embracing these opportunities, 99x not only aligns with the evolving expectations of the industry but also positions itself as a leader in rapid innovation and sustainable business practices, contributing to our continued success and relevance in the dynamic market.

What current challenges does your organization confront at present?

Navigating challenges is an integral aspect of our journey at 99x, and the global uncertainty and economic challenges faced in Sri Lanka are no exception. Despite these obstacles, we view challenges as gateways to opportunities, anchoring our focus on innovative strategies to leverage adversity.

Our proactive approach involves overcoming challenges and using them as catalysts for growth. We aspire to propel 99x into a global leadership position within the industry by continually pushing our boundaries. Our core strength lies in our ability to think globally, evolving from our origins as a local company to strategically positioning ourselves as a global entity.

Our rapid expansion through global acquisitions and establishing new entities in the past year exemplifies our commitment to this global perspective. This strategic move aligns with our corporate ethos and reflects a broader vision for the Sri Lankan industry.

We advocate moving beyond traditional IT and BPM services to inspire others in the industry. We emphasize fostering a more digitally savvy industry where innovation in digital engineering takes precedence. In this transformative journey, 99x has set a precedent by evolving beyond a mere service industry, showcasing substantial results from our commitment to innovation and global thinking.

As we continue this journey, we aim to serve as an example to other Sri Lankan entities, encouraging them to embrace a global mindset, redefine industry standards, and create products and services with international appeal.

How do you view the impact of AI on employment and the workforce?

AI’s potential for misuse is a concern that stems from its technical intricacies. As someone familiar with the workings of AI, I recognize the susceptibility of this technology to being misused by individuals. However, a nuanced examination reveals that AI operates as a tool, requiring training based on human-generated data.

While there is a potential for AI to replace specific jobs, it is crucial to acknowledge that humans possess a unique creativity and value proposition that machines cannot replicate. AI, in essence, is a follower, shaped by the data it is trained on, and as it evolves, it will continue to rely on human innovation.

The inherent differences between human cognition and machine intelligence highlight our distinct capabilities. People think in diverse and nuanced ways, influenced by attachments, relationships, desires, and needs that machines cannot comprehend. This intrinsic human edge positions us as confident contributors who can guide AI for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Rather than instilling fear, my perception of AI is one of embrace and enthusiasm. It is not an adversary but a colleague, a co-worker, and a support system that, when harnessed responsibly, can enhance our capabilities and contribute to the greater good of society.