The personal touch of EFL

EFL Relocations combines the expertise and reach of listed Expolanka’s global logistics business EFL with a strong commitment to make moving home or office anywhere in the world a breeze.

EFL, the global logistics brand of Expolanka Holdings, thrives in challenging markets providing speed-to-market solutions for some of the world’s largest brands. Apart from speed and flexibility, EFL built its success on its ability to manage on behalf of global brands, the complexities of trading across multiple borders, by delivering cost-efficient mobility solutions, and importantly, by providing visibility across the supply chain.

With EFL Relocations, the group is offering the same attention to service and peace of mind to people moving homes or offices anywhere in the world, says Jude Jayasinghe, Senior Manager at EFL Relocations.

Why was EFL-Relocations conceived, and how has the journey been thus far?

EFL has decades of experience building a successful logistics business that seamlessly moves goods for brands worldwide, including across some of the most challenging or complex borders and markets in the world. We take care of everything at every step of the way from pick up to final delivery, including all the border paperwork, and we do it on time because speed is everything.

Our clients can track their shipments real-time and keep up to date on all factors impacting logistics. EFL has over 60 offices employing more than 2,700 people across 23 countries.

What EFL gives the brands it serves is confidence and peace of mind; we are now expanding to meet the personal needs of people. Relocating a home, or even an office, can be an overwhelming experience. Our expertise and global logistics infrastructure could help people as well, not just brands, which was why we launched EFL Relocations in 2016 with the promise of maintaining that same confidence and level of service.

Since launching, we have handled over 1,900 relocations across the world. Initially, we targeted the expatriates, locals migrating overseas, the diplomatic community including the UN agencies and embassies, FMCG companies, NGOs and INGOs, and other multinationals but now provide domestic moving solutions as well.

We have also addressed a misconception that a mover needs only to take responsibility for picking up and delivering personal effects from one place to another. At EFL Relocations, we go well beyond that like, even providing support to locate schools when moving to a new country.

In just five years, we acquired approx. 25-30% share of the relocation market. Business is growing at 2-3% annually and our aim is not just business growth but enhancing the entire domestic and international relocation process for every customer.


What are the services you provide and what makes you stand out in the domestic and international markets?

Relocation is not merely a service but more of a scope of solutions which include International Relocations, Domestic Relocations, Corporate Services, Global Relocations, Employee Relocations, Individual & Family Relocations, Household Goods Relocations, Office Relocations, and Pet Relocations.

We also provide a range of other services such as storage services, vehicle relocations, industrial machines packing and removal, settle-in services and, maid and handyman services. We specialise in other areas, like moving fine art and records management.

What synergies do you enjoy with the parent company Expolanka Holdings PLC?

Our infrastructure, expertise and global network have been instrumental in our growth and journey. We leverage strong relationships we have with logistic partners globally together with our in-depth industry knowledge to serve customers better.

During the height of the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the World Trade Organisation reported some disturbing trends. Global commercial flights plunged by three quarters (74%) in January-April. Container volumes at ports declined by levels last seen during the 2008-9 global financial crisis. The supply chain disruptions, business closures, and job losses world-over due to Covid-19 will have a $2-4 trillion economic impact, the Asian Development Bank estimated in April. However, during this period, EFL helped brands move their merchandise uninterrupted. In the first six months of the 2020/21 financial year, Expolanka group’s revenue grew 65%, and profits surged nearly 1,400%.

EFL Relocations will support the Expolanka group’s futuristic approach to digitalise global supply chains by increasing our online presence with the launch of the EFL Relocations website and integrating the tools and processes that can offer a more personalised service that is quick, safe, and hassle-free.

Jude Jayasinghe, Senior Manager at EFL Relocations


And how does EFL-Relocations fit into Expolanka’s long term goals?

As a proud subsidiary of EFL – a global logistics company and member of Expolanka Holdings and the Sagawa Group based in Japan that is aiming to transform supply chains and globality logistics with digital tech – EFL Relocations is just another component of a larger industry related to mobility, and we are excited to be a part of that transformative journey.

The same way EFL serves many global brands to seamlessly navigate global trade routes, with EFL Relocations we aim to serve the many people who also have the same mobility needs, alleviate any anxieties they may have and mostly to exceed expectations.

Our vision is to expand our footprint and become a successful global relocations service provider through partner affiliations such as the FIDI Global Alliance – an organization that provides corporate solutions in over 300 countries across the globe and our own global network of over 60 worldwide offices. Our experience over the last few years, backed with infrastructure and technology we have invested in, enables us to maintain the highest levels of international quality standards, compliance, and security measures.