Trainocate: upgrading skills and optimizing tech investments


This training provider helps businesses make the most of the expensive software and platforms, and improve ROI on tech investments

COVID-19 and the post-pandemic new normal has brought technology to the forefront, but many businesses still struggle to make the most of their expensive investments, and shortened ROI periods, be it a simple Microsoft Office software or more complex solutions. But that is all about to change with Trainocate’s entry into Sri Lanka in 2020. Trainocate has top-tier partner status with leading vendors and organizations such as AWS, Cisco, CompTIA, DELL-EMC, EC-Council, Fortinet, Google, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Nutanix, Oracle, PMI, Pulse Secure, Red Hat, Rocheston, SAP, Trend Micro and VMware to name a few.

Trainocate is Asia’s largest IT and human capability development training provider. Headquartered out of Singapore and with a physical global presence spanning over 13 countries including Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, and the U.S. It recently christened the operations in Sri Lanka in June 2020, and reaches out to clients from the Maldives as well.

“Within a short period of inception, we have trained tech professionals and teams of leading companies in Sri Lanka including John Keells Holdings, Brandix, MAS, Capital Maharaja, Hemas, Sri Lankan Airlines, Dialog, Standard Chartered Bank and Hirdaramani Group, and the Bank of Maldives,” says Mohamed Zafarullah Hashim, Trainocate’s General Manager for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.



Recently, Trainocate signed an MoU with H One as its preferred training provider. Founded in 2008, H One was incorporated as a group venture of the sustainable apparel manufacturing giant, Hirdaramani. H One has embraced its mission to digitally transform organizations through the adaption of innovative solutions. With a diversified customer base of over 150 clients, ranging from medium scale businesses to large conglomerates, H One successfully assisted its clientele to specialize in driving agility and flexibility through cloud solutions and in the effective adaptation of a contemporary workplace through advanced technology.

“A business may spend a substantial investment on software and hardware but tend to use only a limited number of features. Tech teams and IT personnel may not be familiar with a product or be up to speed with the latest changes, leading to longer ROIs, a significant strain on resources. Or, in some instances, catastrophic system failure and security breaches. This, in turn, causes losses and in current times, something organizations cannot afford. The key here is productivity and optimization driven through technology enablement. When people see value and efficiency, they will continue to invest no matter the social-economic-environment” Hashim explains.

Trainocate’s strong curriculum consists of over 2000+ courses it has developed with cross-vendor and cross-architecture capabilities, for participants who wish to train themselves across multi-vendors at the same time. It is common for customers to have multi-vendor solutions in their production environment and find it comforting when a training provider can simulate something similar. “Our aim is to help organizations make optimum use of the technology systems they have invested in and to improve return on investments,” Hashim says.

For instance, Trainocate Lanka is the sole Authorized Training Partner for Microsoft. It also designs and customizes training based on specific client requirements. At Trainocate we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Teams are constantly challenged and need an upper hand before doing that implementation and armed with the necessary skillsets. Trainocate specializes in building career competencies in analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, data science, dev ops and machine learning as these technologies are the next big thing in the IT world. Hashim sees opportunities for local businesses to unlock tremendous potential. However, a change in mindset is required.

“Training should be a core function of any organisation because that’s how you ensure continuous growth, optimal use of resources, higher productivity, and build resilience to face tough times such as like the pandemic we now face. It should be a priority for business leaders and managers”. Trainocate helps organize identify training needs, measure existing competencies against industry benchmarks, and uncover skills gaps so decision-makers can strategize effectively. Trainocate Assessment Tool (TAT) helps to analyze ones role-based predictive talent analytics to help the HR or the L&D realize the full potential of their workforce.

“Technology has and will continue to play a critical role in a post-COVID world and we will adjust to the new norms of going about businesses. Companies need to build competencies and invest in the right areas. During pre-COVID there was a lot of discussions about digital transformation and how we should change and adapt ourselves. It became evident those who took the initiative and started preparing early were bountifully rewarded.

Studies also found digital transformation acceleration went leaps and bounds. Logistics, transportation, manufacturing and the services industries were hit hard but found ways to improvise and turned to digital transformation as their saving grace. For individuals, they need to understand that professional success depends on life-long learning and keeping one’s skills relevant to changing times – you don’t want to be left out, do you?” Hashim ponders.

Trainocate collaborates with over 60 instructors who are best in class certified experts who possess industry experience and expertise, and multi-vendor competencies. They also work in major local languages. Trainocate has partnered with leading testing providers so students can plan their certification exams along with the training. As an authorized testing centre for Kryterion, Pearson VUE, and PSI, students are assured of the highest standards of test delivery and proctoring.

Live remote labs help learners apply concepts in the real-world environment. These live labs help students to practice and hone their networking and system administration skills using real hardware and software. While most training providers use simulations to let students practice what they learn, Trainocate provides real-world, practical experiences with actual equipment and software for a more effective learning experience.