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Tuesday May 28th, 2024

Wijith Pushpawela on how DIMO Drives Impact in Building Services

Wijith Pushpawela – Executive Director of DIMO

Wijith Pushpawela, as the Executive Director of DIMO, oversees three significant clusters within the conglomerate: energy, healthcare, and building services. His focus is on advancing technology and providing comprehensive solutions in these sectors. Within DIMO’s building services sector, Pushpawela spearheads the Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Solutions, Fire, Elevator & Escalator Solutions, and Lighting Solutions businesses that ensure the safety and efficiency of building complexes. These strategic businesses reflect DIMO’s commitment to innovation and growth in the Sri Lankan market and beyond while fuelling the dreams and aspirations of the communities they serve.

Pushpawela sheds light on DIMO’s Building Services segment, emphasizing the multifaceted role of its Building Management Systems under the ELV solutions business. The Building Management Systems business enhances occupant comfort in building complexes by monitoring factors like air conditioning, CO2 levels, water and electricity resulting in improved living spaces and significant energy savings.

Furthermore, DIMO prioritizes fire detection and protection systems to ensure the safety of both occupants and structures. Alongside this, the company offers comprehensive solutions in extra low voltage (ELV) systems, encompassing functionalities like CCTV surveillance, access control, and Building Management Systems. These systems bolster security measures by monitoring and regulating access within buildings, complementing the safety protocols provided by fire detection systems.

DIMO’s expertise extends to diverse lighting solutions tailored for various settings, ranging from office spaces and hotels to stadiums and outdoor environments which include light fixtures, sockets, switches and control systems. DIMO undertakes end-to-end lighting solutions, encompassing design, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning with the evolution of technology and architecture.

Additionally, the company excels in the installation of elevators, escalators, and moving walks, leveraging internal traffic studies to determine optimal configurations that enhance user convenience and minimize wait times.

Cutting-Edge Technology

DIMO’s reputation for introducing cutting-edge technologies is exemplified by a groundbreaking project at Havelock City Mall, where the company implemented an innovative solution featuring advanced intelligent cameras. These cameras play a vital role in monitoring foot traffic throughout the mall, enabling the collection of valuable data on visitor patterns.

Strategically deploying these high-end cameras allows the mall to accurately track the number of people in various areas, facilitating meticulous analysis to identify trends and peak traffic times for specific locations, such as floors of the mall.

“This comprehensive coverage enables us to offer actionable insights to mall owners, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding operations and marketing strategies,” explains Pushpawela. “For instance, if our analysis reveals heavy foot traffic in a particular area on Saturday evenings, mall management can capitalize on this information by implementing targeted promotions or adjusting rental rates based on occupancy levels.”

He emphasizes the precision of their intelligent camera system, which can distinguish between individual people, ensuring accurate counting without double-counting individuals. This level of accuracy is crucial for providing reliable data that drives effective decision-making for mall management.

Collaborations for Impact

Collaboration stands as a cornerstone of DIMO’s success in this sector, as Pushpawela elaborates. “Our partnership with Siemens is pivotal in our offerings. While we proudly carry the Siemens co-brand, we recognize the necessity of a diverse portfolio to address comprehensive needs. As system integrators, our role extends beyond design and contracting; we meticulously merge solutions to deliver holistic outcomes, necessitating collaboration with partners who complement our offerings,” Pushpawela emphasizes.

Among DIMO’s esteemed partners, Siemens holds a preeminent position as a leading manufacturer in the building services sector. Additionally, DIMO leverages the expertise of Axis for CCTV solutions, globally renowned as a top camera company, while its elevator and escalator solutions come from TKE Germany, epitomizing innovation in vertical transportation.

In the lighting domain, DIMO collaborates with industry leaders such as RZB, Jung and LEDVANS, ensuring access to cutting-edge technologies. “By aligning ourselves with trendsetting brands, we consistently introduce the latest advancements to Sri Lanka, fostering close relationships with our partners that extend beyond product procurement,” Pushpawela notes.

DIMO teams undergo rigorous training to stay updated on emerging technologies. Siemens, for instance, actively engages with DIMO engineers, providing insights into the latest innovations and best practices. This collaborative approach extends to projects like JKH’s Cinnamon Life project, where Siemens played a pivotal role in training our team and offering ongoing support throughout the project lifecycle.

Service contracts are integral to our commitment to long-term client satisfaction. By partnering with principals, DIMO ensures seamless support and maintenance for installed systems, exemplified by our service contracts for completed towers within projects like ‘Cinnamon Life’. “This ensures that our clients receive reliable support well into the future.”

“In essence, our partnerships with esteemed brands like Siemens, TKE and RZB embody our commitment to excellence, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled service to our clients in Sri Lanka,” Pushpawela shares.

Focus on Sustainability

DIMO takes pride in its top-down, comprehensive sustainability agenda, which encompasses various initiatives, with a particular focus on solar rooftop installations and energy-efficient building solutions. These endeavours not only optimize DIMO’s operations but also extend to its clientele, where the company prioritizes offering renewable energy options, especially solar power, alongside energy performance services (EPS).

EPS involves meticulous system design aimed at minimizing electrical losses within buildings, thereby conserving energy. A significant portion of a building’s energy consumption is attributed to its air conditioning system. Through DIMO’s advanced Building Management Systems (BMS), technicians meticulously monitor and control every aspect of building operations, including individual temperature settings for different areas. This data is consolidated within DIMO’s BMS, which intelligently regulates systems such as air conditioning and chillers, ensuring they operate only when necessary, resulting in substantial energy savings.

“For example, we recently implemented a system at a reputed hospital, where electricity costs were exorbitant in these types of establishments. Similar scenarios are prevalent across various entities, especially with the introduction of new tariff structures. Even a modest 10% reduction in energy consumption can translate to significant monthly savings,” Pushpawela explains.

Beyond air conditioning control, our BMS offers extensive insights into the behaviour of various building amenities, such as laundry facilities and kitchens for an energy-efficient operation throughout the building complex. “By analysing usage patterns and peak timings, we identify inefficiencies and offer tailored solutions. This could range from optimizing equipment efficiency to strategic time management, particularly crucial in industries where electricity costs are high,” he notes.

Through these initiatives, Pushpawela explains that DIMO aims to transform buildings into energy-efficient entities, alleviating the financial burden on owners while simultaneously benefiting the nation by reducing overall energy consumption and dependence on fossil fuels. This approach is not only economically advantageous but also environmentally responsible, making it a compelling proposition for establishments worldwide, especially in sectors like hospitality and industrial.

Beyond Sri Lanka

Currently, DIMO’s building services operations span the Maldives, with recent expansion into Seychelles, where it completed a project for the central bank of the country.

 DIMO is engaged in installing elevators, escalators, and moving walks at Velana International Airport in the Maldives, marking a significant project. Under this project, DIMO is installing 23 elevators, 14 escalators and four moving walks at the Velana International Airport. This project is one of the biggest mobility-related projects in Maldives and is also the only project in the Maldives which is equipped with elevators, escalators and moving walks.

Consequently, DIMO has provided premium lighting solutions tailored to exclusive resorts in the Maldives, further solidifying its position and reputation in the archipelago. Vakkaru Maldives, Heritance Aarah, Maldives, The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort and Alila Maldives are some of the iconic lighting projects DIMO embarked on for the Maldivian hospitality industry, underscoring its dedication to creating extraordinary ambience.

“Our expertise in panel building has opened doors to new markets. In our latest endeavour, we are poised to supply electrical low-voltage panels to various countries, with a primary focus on Pakistan and Bangladesh, among others. These panels, manufactured under Siemens’ license and brand meet international standards, ensuring acceptance worldwide,” Pushpawela explains.

Envisioning the Future

Detailing DIMO’s plans for building services, Pushpawela emphasizes the company’s continued focus on energy performance services and exploration of innovative approaches to meet client needs. “One such approach involves conducting thorough studies of buildings and, with the consent of occupants or customers, implementing energy-efficient systems at our own expense. Under this model, we share the resulting cost savings with the building owner, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement,” Pushpawela elaborates.

This strategy remains a central focus for DIMO as it seeks to analyse energy consumption in buildings and propose solutions that can significantly reduce costs. For instance, in a larger building with an energy cost of Rs20 million per month, Pushpawela notes that DIMO can generate cost savings of around Rs2 million, which is shared with the building owner.

“To facilitate this process, we have implemented advanced monitoring systems to track building performance remotely, eliminating the need for physical inspections,” Pushpawela highlights. “Through our partnership with Siemens, we offer comprehensive building performance monitoring solutions, ensuring continuous efficiency improvements and cost savings for our clients. This model not only generates recurring revenue for us but also enables customers to save on energy costs without any upfront investment,” he adds.

In addition to energy performance services, DIMO is actively pursuing opportunities in the electrical panel building sector, optimistic about prospects in manufacturing medium-voltage panels in Sri Lanka to serve neighbouring countries. This initiative aligns with its vision to capitalize on the potential within the industrial sector, where DIMO anticipates significant growth opportunities.

“Despite facing challenges in the past, we are confident in the market’s potential, especially considering ongoing infrastructure development projects such as the Port City, airports and port expansions across Sri Lanka. These projects represent substantial opportunities for us to provide tailored solutions, and we eagerly anticipate engaging with them in the future,” Pushpawela concludes.