Wiley Global beefs recruitment drive with insightful webinar

Ever wonder what the most sought-after technology skills global organizations are looking for: What it takes to be the next generation of technology leaders? How to be a female leader in technology? Wiley Global Technology held a webinar with its top leaders to discuss just that, and why Sri Lanka is a catalyst for growth.

Wiley is a global research and education company established over 200 years ago is renowned for its valuable research and educational materials that solve real-world problems, have an impact, and drives global economies forward. Wiley has made headlines with exciting acquisitions since of late. These include mthree Global Research – a market research and recruitment service provider – zyBooks, Knewton and others. Wiley has a storied history and has continually reinvented itself over two centuries.

Wiley employs over 8,000 people across 18 countries. It opened its Technology Centre in Sri Lanka in 2019. Despite many challenges including the Easter bombings and covid-19, Wiley is expanding operations here, employing over 330 people.

Recently, Wiley’s technology and research leaders held a webinar for potential recruits. The hopefuls got insights into how Wiley’s Colombo-based Technology Centre is playing a vital role in research and why the company is focusing its growth on Sri Lanka. They were made aware of the most sought-after skills the next generation of business leaders will need that Wiley can deliver.

The discussion panel included Aref Matin, Chief Technology Officer, Donna Ketler, VP of Content & Capabilities, Judy Verses, EVP of Research, and Bimal Gunapala, General Manager of Wiley’s largest technology centre in Sri Lanka.

“We wanted candidates to understand who Wiley is,” said Gunapala. “This panel let them hear about what makes us unique based on our legendary past and gave them insight into our exciting future.”

Wiley is executing a strategy to deliver tech-enabled products and services that accelerate the successes of researchers, universities, students and professionals world over. Aref Matin explained Wiley’s mission. “I believe our mission is a noble one. Wiley delivers transformative research and education to the world,” he said.

Wiley is in the midst of an exciting transformation – one that technology is playing a leading role. They are enabling future successes through technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. For instance, Wiley’s AI learning platform Alta identifies gaps in a student’s knowledge. These technologies also underscore another crucial area: data and analytics. Good data is needed to fuel these impressive technologies, and the team in Sri Lanka is also working closely on this aspect.

The Sri Lanka team also elevated operational excellence by managing the 24/7-365 operations to support both internal colleagues and external customers around the globe.

Speaking on women-leadership in Wiley, Donna Ketler provided some wonderful advice for aspiring female leaders in technology. She spoke about the challenges women in technology face worldwide and what Wiley is doing to combat this. She created a group called ‘Wiley Women in Technology’ to ensure women have a place to learn from each other and receive mentoring to advance their careers.

She highlighted some of the most sought-after tech skills, which of course vary from area to area but typically are cloud computing, data analytics and data visualization. Soft skills, however, are equally important, including problem-solving, communication, curiosity, and the desire to always learn.

Representing Wiley’s research team, Judy Verses wonderfully illustrated how their work in enabling research is an area that is critical to the world now more than ever. And she touched-down on the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion globally – and all that Wiley is doing is this critical area as an employer.

Gunapala closed out the session by providing a glimpse into what it is like working at the Wiley Colombo office. Wiley embodies a people-first culture that influences the company’s strategy, delivery, and future. This is one reason why the Sri Lanka team was able to achieve such fast growth in a short time.

Not only did candidates get insights into Wiley but enjoyed exclusive access to their recruiting team. “We were excited to review all the resumes we received after the webinar. It was encouraging to see how enthusiastic participants were about getting to know us,” a member of the recruiter team said.

“The attendees shared many positive sentiments on the webinar, so there will certainly be more of these to come. For many prospects, the only information they can gather on a potential company is through their research. This webinar helped potential recruits to take a close look at who we are and what we do. They also got a glimpse of Wiley’s future”.

The future of Wiley is exciting. There has never been a better time to join a team who is quite literally making an impact on the world every day.