Brick export market promising, Sri Lanka ceramic industry told

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lankan ceramic exporters have been told the export market for bricks in industrialised countries is very promising with the island having the required clay resources to meet the demand.

“It is very profitable for exporters to export bricks,” said Anand Damle, an expert in the heavy clay industry, also known as red ceramics, from India.

The island has thousands of small irrigation tanks which can supply the raw material to support a brick export industry, he told the annual meeting of the Sri Lanka Ceramics and Glass Council which groups manufacturers of ceramic tableware, tiles and sanitaryware, clay roof tiles and glass bottles.

The tanks need to be de-silted or excavated with the clay being used in making bricks and roof tiles, said Damle, Managing Director, De Boer Damle (India) Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture making machinery for the brick industry in Pune in India.

“There are an estimated 70,000 tanks awaiting de-silting,” he said.

“The clay is available for making bricks. You can excavate the material and export bricks,” said Damle.

The market for bricks in the United Kingdom is booming with markets in parts of Europe also starting to pick up, he said.
(COLOMBO, 26 November 2019)

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