Britain appoints Ranil Jayawardena trade envoy to Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – Prime Minister Theresa may had appointed Ranil Jayawardena, whose father is of Sri Lankan origin, a tory parliamentarian as trade envoy to the island, the UK embassy in Colombo said.

“Given the shared history and close bonds of friendship between Britain and Sri Lanka – and with my family ties to Sri Lanka – I am looking forward to serving as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy at an exciting time for both our countries," he said in a statement.

"There’s lots of scope for further trade and investment between Britain and Sri Lanka.

He said there were opportunities for UK-based professional services to work with Sri Lankan partners to develop international business and attract investment.

"For centuries Britain has been a global trading nation," British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka James Dauris said.

"Today we have one of the world’s largest economies and strong commercial relationships with countries around the globe. 

"As the Sri Lankan economy grows we are seeing an encouraging increase in the number of British companies wanting to do business with Sri Lanka.

"Mr. Jayawardana’s appointment will help us to encourage more UK firms to look at options for doing business in and with Sri Lanka and to boost bilateral trade."

British activists had championed free trade from the early 1800s, and its people got freedom from the farming lobby in 1846 with the repeal of Corn Laws, leading to the gradual ending of Mercantilism, and rising living standards throughout the British Empire. (Colombo/Feb07/2018)





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