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Thursday May 6th, 2021

Sri Lanka's Dambulla vegetable exchange re-opened amid Coronavirus spike

The situation in his city has become serious (barapathala), Mayor Jaliya Opatha had said.

1 minutes

Sri Lanka seeks construction partnerships with Nepal

Companies showcase expertise in green construction, urban infrastructure hydro-power, soil and geology,

1 min read

Sri Lanka hotels hit as Coronavirus wave crashes wedding season

Some hotels are operating as Covid treatment centres

4 min read

Kenya unit of Sri Lanka's Hela Clothing switches to PPE, provides work in pandem...

Hela Clothing creates over 2,000 jobs in Kenya during the pandemic

1 min read

Sri Lanka to start trial production of RT-LAMP Coronavirus test kit: SLINTEC

Manufacturing of trial batches will commence soon, which will then be followed by commercial production

Imesh Ranasinghe
Sri Lanka's UDA takes over Kolpetty market

40-storey building planned as PPP will give existing shop owners places in a new shopping mall

Sri Lanka aflatoxin fears rise as money printing trigger maize speculation

Sri Lanka's maize prices have soared and fears of aflatoxin in poultry feed are growing as businesses newly displaced by...

3 min read

Sri Lanka plantations call for priority worker vaccinations

Sri Lanka's commercial plantations producing tea and rubber has called for fast-track vaccination of their workers on wh...

2 min read

Sri Lanka chicken prices spike, day-old-chicks soar to new heights

Sri Lanka's fresh chicken prices have soared as a combination of state controls and Coronavirus impact hit the sector, w...

3 min read

India travel trade and media in Sri Lanka tour ahead of indo-Lanka travel bubble

A delegation of tour operators and journalists from India have completed a familiarization tour of Sri Lanka ahead of a ...

2 min read

Sri Lanka's Cinnamon Life completes residential tower, 30-floor office block

Sri Lanka's Cinnamon Life had completed construction of one residential tower with 196 apartments and an 30-floor office...

2 min read

Sri Lanka manufacturing, services expands in March 2021: PMI

Sri Lanka's manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index reached a 9-month high as activities continue to recover backed by p...

2 min read

Hemas Holdings 'AAA(lka)' rating confirmed by Fitch

Fitch Ratings has confirmed at 'AAA(lka)' domestic rating of Sri Lanka's Hemas Holdings Plc, with a stable outlook based...

8 min read

Sri Lanka's China-backed Port City to bring in US$5bn in land sales

The passage of Colombo Port City Commission new law governing a reclaimed extension to the capital's central business di...

Chanka Jayasinghe

4 min read

Sri Lanka food, shampoo firms hit by midnight 'regime uncertainty' as palm oil banned

Sri Lanka firms producing a range of foods and personal care items would be hit by a palm oil ban, in addition to public...

2 min read

Sri Lanka Colombo Port City featured in on Veemansa forum

Sri Lanka's Colombo Port City will be featured on an online forum where Secretary to the President P B Jayasundera will ...

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Sri Lanka plantations with oil palm plunge after uprooting directive

Sri Lanka's plantations stocks plunged after President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said they would be required to uproot oil palm...

2 min read

Sri Lanka to merge tourism promotion agencies under new law

Sri Lanka will bring a new Tourism Act to merge three agencies and repeal the existing law to be able to improve co-ordi...

Imesh Ranasinghe

1 min read

Sri Lanka President bans palm oil imports, plantations to uproot oil palm

Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had banned the import of palm oil and plantations companies would be required upr...

2 min read

Sri Lanka sees 4,500 tourist arrivals in March, Kazakhstan leads

Sri Lanka has welcomed 4,581 tourists in March 2021, up from 3,366 in February after the Indian Ocean island re-opened f...

1 min read

Sri Lanka Navy arrests night divers, sea cucumbers

Sri Lanka Navy said it had arrested over 70 persons seized their diving gear along with over 10,000 sea cucumbers and sh...

1 min read

Blackstone group enters Sri Lanka taking over Piramal Glass unit

US-based Blackstone Capital has taken over Sri Lanka's publicly traded Piramal Glass (Pvt) Ltd, paying 6.2 billion rupee...

2 min read

No decision to license India fishermen in Sri Lanka waters: Minister

No decision has been made by the government to license fishermen from India to fish in Sri Lanka waters, Co-cabinet Mini...

1 min read

Sri Lanka to issue order banning oil palm cultivation: Minister

Sri Lanka will shortly issue an order by gazette notice banning cultivation of oil palm giving effect to a decision by t...

1 min read

Sri Lanka's Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone to have gaming

A special economic zone to be set up in the Colombo Port City reclaimed from the sea will have regulation covering gami...

2 min read

Sri Lanka Port City Economic Zone workers to earn tax free, dollar salaries

Employees working for companies within 'Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone' in land reclaimed by a China-based firm...

2 min read

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