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Cabinet approval for MMDA a positive sign, but not adequate – activists

Muslim women’s rights activists say that although the Cabinet approval given to reform the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) is a positive sign for Muslim women, that alone does not address the issues faced by them.

Speaking to RepublicNext, women’s rights activist Shreen Sanoor said that although Muslim women are happy about the Cabinet approval, at the same time they are also disappointed that the Cabinet paper does not deliver full justice to women.

” We have struggled a lot to reform the MMDA and every time in the past it only reached the reporting level but now since it reached the Cabinet it is a good sign. However, still, there are only female registrars, not Quazi judges. We are very disappointed that full justice is not delivered to Muslim women,” Sanoor said.

Activists also say that providing exceptions for both men and women to get married under the approval of Quazi judges if the couple is under 18 years is problematic.

” The bill gives permission to get married under the approval of Quazi if the couple is between 16 -18 years of age. They have messed up with what we have asked for. We want to stop child marriage,” the activists added.

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