Candidate Monk complains to CaFFE over fake FB post

Presidential Candidate Battaramulle Seelarathana Thero has informed the Campaign for Free and Fair Election (CaFFE) yesterday (14 Oct) that posts shared on social media purporting to be his election manifesto are false. 

“This seems to be a deliberate ploy to embarrass my party by an organized group,” the Thero who leads the Janasetha Peramuna has said.

The Acting Executive Director of CaFFE Manas Makeen said that the Monk had also complained that it’s now almost impossible for the party to inform the people of their real policies as these fake posts have become extremely popular.

CaFFE insists that such deliberate misinformation campaigns are extremely dangerous and that immediate steps should be taken to address these concerns.

Meanwhile, Director of CaFFE Surangika Ariyawansha said that they have received information that a number of systematic misinformation and fake news campaigns have been unleashed to deceive voters.

“This is a serious problem for free and fair elections,” she said.

“We plan to provide the information we have to the National Election Commission (NEC) so that they can take immediate steps,” she added.

CaFFE has received 161 complaints till yesterday and most of them are incidents of election law violations and misuse of state property.

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