Carmudi Sri Lanka upgrades platform

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Carmudi Sr Lanka, a unit of Germany’s Rocket Internet said it had upgraded its platform making it more useful for buyers and sellers of cars.

Buyers can filter results not only by make, and model and price but also look at features like alloy wheels giving extensive detail, managing director Firaz Markar said.

Markar said Sri Lankan car markets had country specific ways of of describing specific models, such as ‘lion face’, ‘Dr Sunny’ which were also accommodated.

The new content management system allows users with even a relatively weak internet connection to quickly upload their advertisement, he said.

The online car market also lists brand new cars and unregistered cars at dealerships.

It does not charge fees from individuals, but only from dealerships.

The dealers are served by account managers and given advice and support, he said.

They can buy advertising slots for a period such as a month and put different cars in the same slot when they are sold and the slot falls vacant in a few days.

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