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China embassy in Sri Lanka’s call for ‘freedom of speech’ sets twitter on fire amid Coronavirus tragedy

ECONOMYNEXT – A call by China’s embassy in Sri Lanka for ‘freedom of speech’ after its account was briefly suspended, has given the twitter community a distraction from the tragedy of the Coronavirus that emerged from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

“We follow the rules of Twitter, so they apologized for the mistake and reopened. We believe if Twitter could follow the laws and rules of China, the market might also be opened to them,” @ChinaEmbSL tweeted. “Billions users on WeChat & Weibo”.

It added another claim. “SL banned Twitter too when they violated domestic laws.”

@indica fired back.

“So now twitter has unbanned you, will you unban twitter?”.





Chinas embassy had told local media earlier that freedom of speech must be honored, triggering a flutter of twitter replies.

One twitter user charged China of manufacturing irony.

“Now, even irony is Made in China: China demands — and gets –freedom of speech from Twitter even as it prevents Twitter in particular and free speech in general from operating in China,” @gchikermane said.

“China’s Embassy in Sri Lanka demands that “freedom of speech must be honored” after its Twitter account is briefly suspended.

All without any apparent sense of irony,” @RushDoshi commented.

“All without any apparent sense of irony.”

“More than just a little irony as #China complains about a lack of media freedom in Sri Lanka,” @SaveTibetOrg said.

“China's embassy in Sri Lanka is banned from twitter????? Wow, it’s really liberal democracy,” [email protected] “Its the most liberal and democratic place I;ve ever seen abroad. The last time the U.S. Embassy in China stigmatized the virus, Weibo didn’t ban it.”

“Twitter took down Chinese Embassy Sri Lanka handle due to ‘systematic mistake’, @Hari_Nuranian said.

“The Embassy is asking Twitter to honor FreedomOfSpeech a concept unknown in China.”

“Twitter has removed the suspension placed on the official Twitter account of the Chinese Embassy in SriLanka,” @MDWLiveFeed.

“Twitter is blocked in China. Websites blocked in mainland China.”

“‘Freedom of speech must be honored’: Without a hint of irony, Chinese state media complains Beijing’s Twitter voice is being silenced abroad (by suspending the account of China’s Sri Lanka embassy), while Beijing silences Twitter in China,” @sasapetricic said.

“The Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka has blocked me because I kept questioning them,”
said @krishniP.

“It’s ok to block me. There are others like me all over the world. Let’s see you block them all.”

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