Chinese firm building Sri Lanka’s Yan Oya reservoir ahead of schedule

ECONOMYNEXT – A Chinese contractor which was awarded a deal to build a dam across Sri Lanka’a Yan Oya (river) to irrigate dry areas in the Eastern province is on track to complete construction ahead of schedule.

China CAMC Engineering was awarded a deal to build the headworks of the dam for 150 million dollars to be completed in 43 months, which began in February 2015.

But in 21 months almost 90 percent the work has been completed, requiring irrigation canals to be built quickly to able to distribute water, the cabinet of ministers had been told by the minister of irrigation.

China CAMC Engineering had originally agreed to build the reservoir and left and right bank for 176 million dollars in 2011 but Chinese funding agencies did not finance the deal.

The contract only for the headworks was later awarded for 150 million dollars.


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