CID to take over the investigation into the Police shooting case in Angulana

ECONOMYNEXT- Police have arrested 14 people who staged a protest outside the Angulana Police station yesterday, July 16, and allegedly stoned the building.

The Police Media Division said that they have detained 5 men and 9 women while a total of 8 police officers have sustained injuries due to the clash.

The protest was prompted by the shooting death of a 39-year-old local fisherman allegedly by officers of the Angulana Police Station during a spot-check at a roadblock in Lunawa, Moratuwa.

The three police officers involved in the shooting were interdicted following an investigation by the Acting IGP.

The case filed over the killing was to be taken up before the Moratuwa Magistrate’s Court yesterday when the two main witnesses were taken by the police early morning.

Speaking to media, the mother of the victim said that several police officers arrived in a vehicle and had taken away the two main witnesses of the Lunawa shooting incident at around 5 am yesterday morning.

In protest of this, the relatives of the shooting victim as well as a large number of villagers had gathered in front of the police station and commenced an agitation which had later had gone out of control.

Villagers said that the two witnesses had been taken to Mount Lavinia and Moratumulla police stations before they were brought back to the Angulana police station by the officers.

Later, in the evening a number of residents in the area gathered in front of the police station had again engaged in a protest, which became tense as they petted stones and other objects causing damages to the police station.

Special Task Force (STF) and the Riot Police could be seen being deployed later in the evening covering the entire area to control the situation. Further, at the court’s session yesterday, the court ordered that investigations into the shooting incident to be handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).





Police Media Division also said that the arrested protestors will be produced before the Moratuwa Magistrate today. (Colombo, July 17, 2020-sb)

Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe

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