Citizens should act wisely in election time – Religions for Responsible Governance

Religions for Responsible Governance, a religious body comprising clergymen of different faiths, urged the public today to act wisely and responsibly during the upcoming presidential election.

Issuing a statement this morning, the religious leaders reminded the public that the presidential election will decide the future of the country.

“This is a moment in which we will have to act wisely because it will decide our future. We expect that the Elections Commission and its officers will fulfill their duties to make the upcoming presidential election fair and just. We request the police and other government officials to be impartial [so that the result will] reflect the public opinion correctly. We request the public to use their vote wisely, as this moment should we should be led by reason and not emotion. This shouldn’t be an instance that will create divisions among the people. Therefore we request you to be peaceful and calm,” spokesman Galkande Dhammananda thero said.

“16 November is declared the International Day for Tolerance. Every religion promotes tolerance and reconciliation. It is the right and the responsibility of all citizens to elect a leader who will end the ethnoreligious violence in our country and be responsible to the people. All citizens must refrain from engaging in acts of violence during this time period,” he added.

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