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Code of ethics for Sri Lankan car importers

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lankan importers of new vehicles have introduced a code of conduct to prevent malpractices that could tarnish their reputation and ensure they have more credibility.

The code was launched at the 95th annual general meeting of the Ceylon Motor Traders’ Association representing franchise holders of foreign vehicle brands.

“We plan to extend the code of ethics launched today so that we gain and maintain respectability and credibility of our membership,” Gihan Pilapitiya, chairman of the CMTA, said. 

The move came following allegations against some importers especially of used cars of malpractices like under-invoicing.

Pilapitiya said that this year the CMTA aim to push the development of a policy paper for the automotive trade so it can be presented to policymakers.

“This will remove misunderstandings and will act as a guideline for the CMTA.”

The association also changed its rules adopting a clause that members can sell brand new vehicles only to which they hold the franchise.

Pilapitiya said importers of brand new vehicles will not be allowed to import, advertise and sell vehicles for which they don’t have the franchise.  (Colombo/August 29 2015)

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