Colombo Central neighbourhood now has 45 confirmed COVID 19 cases

ECONOMYNEXT – Twenty-four persons, the largest number of COVID 19 positive patients detected on a given day were found today, the government announced.

They are all from the Bandaranayake Mawatha area in Aluth Kade a press release issued by the Department of Information quoting Director General of Health Services Dr Anil Jasinghe said.

The cluster stemming from a family that returned from a pilgrimage to India on March 14 has now grown to a total of 45 people all living in the neighbourhood in the Keselwatte Police area called Roti Kade Watte.

The region is in lockdown and those measures are likely to be enforced in the entire Keselwatte area.

This is close to the Courts complex.

The area is described as a mixed neighbourhood with people of different economic levels, ethnicities and professions typical of central Colombo.

According to available records, three members of the same family returned to Colombo from India on March 14.

A month later on April 15, the son called the Infectious Diseases Hospital and informed them that his mother had symptoms and she was tested positive on April 16. The father and the son also tested positive the same day.

The family said they did not think she had COVID 19 at first because she was asthmatic, health officials said.

The woman in question told health officials that a passenger on the aircraft she travelled in had been coughing and she had changed her seat as she had an asthmatic condition.





The same day the area was sealed and the 12 people, the neighbours of this nucleus family had been quarantined and the following day 6 of them tested positive even though they did not show obvious symptoms.

Then health officials spread the dragnet and started to test more people in the area after sealing the neighbourhood.

On April 19, 12 more people from the neighbourhood tested positive in the quarantine centre.

Today another 24 have tested positive bringing the total to 45. (Colombo, April 20, 2020)



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