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Saturday October 1st, 2022

Computer literacy in Sri Lanka grows in 1H19

ECONOMYNEXT- Computer literacy in Sri Lanka grew to 30.1 percent in the first half of 2019, rebounding from a fall to 27.5 percent a year earlier, the state statistics office said.

The Census and Statistics Department (DCS) said the highest computer literacy was reported from the Western Province at 43.6 percent, while in the Eastern Province, a low of 16 percent was recorded.

Nearly 70 percent of English speakers in Sri Lanka are computer literate. Similar levels were reported among those who have attained educational qualifications of GCE Advance Level or above.

Among Sinhalese and Tamil speakers, computer literacy was below 40 percent.

A gender gap was seen in computer literacy as well, with 32.1 percent men reporting an ability to operate a computer on their own, compared to 28.3 percent of women.

School and university were the primary sources of IT training received in the urban, rural and estate residential sectors. However, large numbers of urban and rural persons have self-taught skills as well, the statistics office said.

Data showed the switch from desktops and laptops towards smartphones continuing. DCS said of the 29 percent of population between 5-69 years of age use the internet, and among them, 70.9 percent use a smartphone

This was a growth from 67.5 percent a year earlier.

Meanwhile, connecting through a desktop and laptop fell to 25 percent from 27.1 percent. Tablet and mobile phone internet usage fell as well, the statistics office said.

Desktop and laptop ownership fell to 22.2 percent from 22.9 percent a year earlier, DCS said.

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