Confusion reigns as power cuts continue

Despite the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) having officially announced its shedding schedule, consumers continue to complain of unpredictable disruptions to their power supply.

The schedule, officially titled Demand Management Schedule and published on the CEB’s website, presents a clearly laid out schedule for managing power on the demand, i.e. consumer’s, side.

“At this critical stage CEB kindly requests all the customers to switch off non-essential loads during this critical period that is between 0800 h to 2200 h so that CEB could minimise the demand curtailment,” the CEB said in its announcement.

Some consumers, however, have taken to social media to complain of seemingly random power outages not in line with the published schedule.

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) meanwhile, at constant loggerheads with the CEB since the start of the crisis, maintains that it has yet to receive an official communication from the latter regarding the schedule.

In a related development, certain areas in Colombo are reportedly not experiencing any power interruptions, as confirmed by a number of consumers living in the Colombo zones. According to the CEB, this is because many large-scale hotels and business operating in the city are self-sufficient in electricity. Since a significant fraction of the Colombo zones’ electricity supply is from independent generators, balancing out the total capacity, according to the Board, there is no need for power cuts in those areas.

Consumers living outside the city, however, are crying foul, accusing the authorities of discrimination.

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