Constitutional crisis blessing in disguise for UNP – Wijepala

The constitutional crisis between October and December last year was a blessing in disguise for the United National Party (UNP) as it gave the party an opportunity to work as a single government for a period of at least a year, Galle district UNP parliamentarian Wijepala Hettiarachchi said.

“It was our destiny that we got this blessing in disguise,” he said, speaking to journalists at Temple Trees today (20).

As a result of the constitutional crisis, said the MP, the UNP was able to take back the important ministries such as the Ministry of Samurdhi. “As a result, we could work in all the ministries under one authority,” he added.

“We got the strength to do a lot of work within these few months and the best example for it is the work done by the Ministry of Samurdhi,” said Hettiarachchi.

He went on to say that the Government will not allow the media to be oppressed as it was the same Government that tried to give maximum freedom to media by bringing in the Right To Information Act.

When something catastrophic such as the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks happens, said Hettiarachchi, it is the responsibility of the government to control the media to a certain extent in order to bring the situation in the country under control.

“This is not suppression,” he said.

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