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Controversial Airbus deal contributing to losses of SriLankan Airlines-UNP

AIRLINE WOES: State-run SriLankan Airlines’ is one of the companies most badly hit from the crisis.

UNP Parliamentarian S M Marikkar is saying that said that alleged corruption involved the Airbus purchase in 2013 is contributing to the losses that SriLankan Airlines is suffering.

Speaking to media this morning, the MP said that as the purchases were made at a high price and the lease amounts have become unbearable which they could not cover with their rates.

“This is the reason why SriLankan Airlines with good service, quality and high rates is running under loss when airlines with similar rates are making profits,” he said.

Also, he added that in 2015 when the Yahapalana Government came into power the lease agreement was re-arranged as SriLankan Airlines could not bear the losses.

He pointed out that COPE revealed that the government had to pay 98 million US dollars as a penalty for renegotiation to the leasing company.

Marikkar said that they would like to request President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to take legal action against the perpetrators who are involved in this alleged bribe-taking corruption.

He added that the former Chairman of Sri Lankan Airlines was a relative of the Rajapaksa family and the executive directors were their close friends.

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