Country lost a billion dollars due to Easter attacks

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesighe is saying that even though he was not properly informed about the situation regarding the Easter Sunday attacks he accepts collective responsibility for the tragedy.

He also said the danger is not over as all those who are responsible have not been apprehended.

In an address to the nation the Prime Minister added that the economy lost a billion US dollars due to the attacks.

He said that the clergy including the Cardinal, Members of the Maha Sangha and all other religions helped is to maintain the peace and harmony in the country.

“Many of our brothers, sisters and children perished in this calamity. Many foreigners also died and some of them had come here to help our country, others had come to enjoy this island’s beauty.”

“The entire nation is shocked at what has happened and is grieving” he added.

“We are satisfied at the progress the investigations are making. We have arrested many people, but we believe that there are more at large. Therefore the danger is not over and we must act with patience and tolerance.”

“There were many intelligence reports concerning these attacks including some from foreign sources. It is true that I was not informed about some important facts but that does not mean I will not accept collective responsibility for this tragedy”

“Grieving is not enough. We need to examine where we went wrong and ensure that this kind of incident does not happen again,” he added.

This is an international incident with global repercussions and we need to understand this.””





“This type of terrorism comes from ideology and we must be aware of that.”

The attacks have dealt a deadly blow to our economy. Everybody from the sweep seller to the richest in the land have suffered. We estimate that the economy as lost a billion dollars.

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