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COVID 19 : Police issue strict guidelines for delivery staff

ENTERPRISE: A small coconut delivery service using Piaggio Ape three wheeler during Covid curfew in Sri Lanka

ECONONOMYNEXT – The police are issuing strict guidelines for all delivery agents throughout the country from the daily bakery tuk-tuks to those bringing essential supplies to your doorstep.

The reminder about the safeguards comes after a fishmonger in a Colombo suburb was tested positive for COVID 19, triggering a wide search for his contacts.

He is believed to have contracted the disease from a relative who returned recently to the country,

This has resulted in the country’s biggest fish market at Peliyagoda being shut down for three days for retail business.

Health officials also conducted 530 PCR tests at the market yesterday April 22, the highest number of tests done in one locality in Sri Lanka, the Director-General of Health Services Dr Anil Jasinghe said.

The recipients or buyers are advised to keep a one-metre distance from the seller of the goods and ensure that they do not touch the food items with their bare hands.

The sellers and the delivery staff have been instructed to wear clean clothes.

Their footwear should cover their feet and they should wear face masks and gloves.

They should use hand sanitizer and ensure they do not touch the foodstuff with their bare hands.

All goods should be sold in a bag or cover and the seller must ensure he does not touch the produce after touching cash.





Police say vendors or delivery staff found not abiding by these regulations will have their curfew permits cancelled. (Colombo, April 23, 2020)


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