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COVID 19 Update – total diagnosed cases climbs to 1,141

ECONOMYNEXT – The number of COVID 19 cases detected in the country spiked yesterday taking the total since the outbreak in Sri Lanka to 1,141 the Health Department said.

Fifty-two new cases were reported yesterday, the third-highest daily to be diagnosed since the outbreak.

A statement issued by the Information Department at 5:30 pm on Sunday reported that 28 cases had been reported by that time.

All the patients are Kuwait returnees, the release said and were detected at the Trincomalee and Minneriya Quarantine Centres.

No details were available for the remaining 24 cases as of Monday morning.

The number of active COVID 19 positive cases in government hospitals is 458 and the total number discharged from hospitals after recovery is 674, while 97 are in hospitals under investigation.

Last week Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi declared that the government is confident that there is no community transmission of the disease.

Community transmission is defined by Epidemiologists as when there is no clear source of origin of the infection in a new community.

It happens when you can no longer identify who became infected after being exposed to someone who interacted with people from the originally infected communities.

In Sri Lanka, all the cases that the Health Department has reported have been traced to people who have returned from overseas.





However, critics say that Sri Lanka is not carrying out sufficient random tests for COVID 19 in the general populace to confirm that there is no community transmission. (Colombo, May 25, 2020) Reported by Arjuna Ranawana